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Dose Vitiligo Patients can Eat Apple

does vitiligo patients can eat apple or notApple is one of the common fruits in our daily life with good nutrition, contains a variety of vitamins, mineral substances, sugars, fat and so on. Eat apple also can help lose weight and digest. Apple is such a good fruit, but does vitiligo can eat apple? In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction to you about these.

Vitiligo patients should avoid eat or eat less foods rich in vitamin C, do not supply extra vitamin C, but weather vitiligo patients can eat apple or not? Experts analyze apple from nutrition and think vitiligo patients can eat apple. Why vitiligo can eat apple? I’d like to make a introduction of nutrition of apple to you.

1. Pectin and trace element chrome contained in apple can help to maintain the stable of blood glucose and effectively effectively decrease the content of cholesterol in vitiligo patients.

2. In polluted air environment, eat more apple can improve the respiratory system and lung function of vitiligo patients and protect their lung from the influence of pollutants and smoke dust.

3. There are polyphenol and flavonoid natural antioxidant in apple, it can decrease the risk of have cancer and prevent lead poisoning.

4. The special scent in apple can help to release negative emotions caused by too much stress and also have the effect of refreshing yourself.

5. Apple also rich in coarse fiber can promote gatrointestinal motility and smooth stool, decrease the toxic substance damage to our skin.

6. Apple also rich in magnesium, sulfur, iron, copper, iodine, zinc, manganese and other trace elements it can make our skin exquisite, lubricate and full of luster. It is good for vitiligo patients.

7. Apple contains a variety of vitamins, mineral substances, sugars, fats and so on all are the necessary nutrients for the metabolism of our body. It can help to vitiligo patients in metabolism.

Although apple also contains vitamin C but it only occupied very small part of it, compare with the nutrition of apple, it not worthy of mention, so vitiligo patients can eat apple.


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