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Vitiligo Patients How to Supply Copper Correctly

how to supply copper element correctly

Normally speaking, vitiligo patients need to supply more copper elements, the safe way to supply copper element is to intake foods rich in copper element. Why vitiligo patients should supply copper element and how to supply it correctly? In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction of this for your reference.

One of the factor that vitiligo patients got this disease is they lack of trace elements, copper is one of the trace element among these. Why lack of trace elements will induce vitiligo? Because the lack of trace elements not good for the synthesis of tyrosinase, which is very important for the synthesis of melanin pigment, the synthesis of tyrosinase needed some mineral elements, copper is one of the element among them. So vitiligo patients need to supply more copper element, but vitiligo patients how to correctly supply copper element? The most safe way to supply it is through the diet. So eat more foods rich in copper have great effect to treat vitiligo patients, so which foods rich in copper elements? At present the foods rich in copper element mainly in seafood such as river shrimp, marine algae, oysters, shellfishes, sea products and so on, there are also some nuts like pistachio, walnut, pine nut and so on, except seafood, nuts, all kinds of animal livers, grain sprouts, fresh bean products, vegetables and so on.  the river shrimp and oyster copper content are highest among all foods, that is why many seafood with deep color shells, the snail, mussel, anadara subcrenata and so on also contains much copper and the price of these foods is very cheap and rich in nutrition and it is helpful for vitiligo patients to supply copper properly.

Why copper element content is closely related to the vitiligo? Because the vitiligo onset cause is the activity of tyrosinase activity decreased and failed to synthesize melanin pigment, the copper element is the most important trace element to maintain the activity of tyrosinase, so intake more foods rich in copper can help to increase the content of tyrosinase and can help to inhibit the vitiligo development. Many vitiligo clinical data indicates that when tests the blood of vitiligo patients, doctor found the copper protein content in their blood serum is much lower than the normal people, the copper protein exist in copper element, the copper protein content decreased in their body with the copper content decreased in their body and finally result in tyrosinase activity can not play it role and make the melanin pigment synthesis is very difficult to treat.

Eat too much seafood easy to get allergic and make your skin itching, it also influence their vitiligo, so it is very important to control the content of the foods you eat, that is not mean seafood is good for vitiligo patients and they could eat it always, long term over take copper element might get poisoned, so vitiligo patients could eat animal livers and nuts to replace that, they also can wear copper jewelry, eat with copper tableware, that all are the good ways to help vitiligo patients supply copper element correctly.

What I mentioned above is the simple introduction of what foods rich in copper wish it could help you, you can supply copper use the ways I mentioned above. But vitiligo patients intake foods rich in copper and do not ignore go to the normal skin hospital to treat their vitiligo at the same time, prevent vitiligo is also very important, vitiligo is easy to spread, so vitiligo patients should pay attention to their illness state and keep a good mind state.


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