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The Stimulating Foods not Good for Vitiligo Patients

vitiligo should avoid to eat stimulating foodswe all known stimulating foods are not good for vitiligo patients, but how many people known what foods belongs to stimulating foods?

1. Edible fungi: mainly includes mushrooms, fungus and so on, eat too much these kind of foods it easy to stimulate and worsen some diseases like vitiligo, psoriasis and so on.

2. Fishy class: mainly includes hairtail, yellow croaker, pomfret, clam meat, shrimp, crab and other water products, this kind of foods most salty, clod and fishy, it is not good for some allergic person, it also easy to induce allergic diseases such as takeru drawing, urticaria, vitiligo, psoriasis and so on, it also can induce Ulcers swollen poison and other skin diseases.

3. Vegetables: includes bamboo shoots, leaf mustard, pumpkin, spinach, potherb mustard, eggplant and so on, this kind of foods easy to trigger Ulcers swollen poison, vitiligo, psoriasis and other skin diseases.

4. Fruits: includes peaches, apricots, mangoes and so on, predecessors once pointed out that eat too much peaches easy to have fevers, eat too much apricots easy to have break bones and so on.

5. Poultry kinds: includes roosters, foxnuts, pig’s head meat, goose meat, chicken wings, beef, mutton, horseflesh, donkey meat, dog meat, venison and so on, this kind of foods easy to induce headache, dizzy and so on, moreover this kind of foods easy to induce or worsen ulcers swollen poison and so on. Although egg do not belongs to the stimulating foods but it is not proper to eat too much, generally speaking, two eggs one day is enough for one person, especially those have hepatitis, allergy, high blood lipid, high heat, renal disease, diarrhea and other diseases should avoid eating too much egg, because there are much protein contains in egg, but they belongs to foreign protein,there are certain part of people after eat foreign protein have pathological reaction.

6. Beside these, there are also have some foods belongs to stimulating foods such as water deer’s meat, pickled tofu, garlic, leek, herba schizonepetae, Chinese cinnamon, angelica dahurica benth, mustard, pepper, Chinese red pepper and other spicy seasonings, vitiligo patients also should avoid drinking stimulating drinks, wines and vinegar.

So vitiligo patients had better avoid eat or eat less these foods I mentioned above, wishing every vitiligo patients have a speedy recovery.


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