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The Diet Taboos for Pregnant Vitiligo Woman

diet taboos for vitiligo pregnant womanVitiligo is common pigment loss skin disease, it can happened in any age group people, among these the teenage female and male have vitiligo on head and face are not a small number, it become a important issue in beauty. The treatment of vitiligo is very difficult and the time to treat vitiligo is very long, it can not cured just a few days or several weeks. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the diet taboos for pregnant vitiligo woman.

So what the diet taboos for vitiligo patients?

The health condition of pregnant woman directly related to the health condition of their fetus, so the health condition of pregnant woman is well concerned by their whole family members. The taboos of pregnant vitiligo woman their illness state will not necessary infect the health of their baby. We found many pregnant women will occur vitiligo, but in the pregnancy period, to avoid the indirect harm of the medicine to their fetus, we generally do not suggest them to take medicine to treat their vitiligo. The vitiligo will cause much changes in their body.

Vitiligo might happen in any period, it will greatly damaged the mental and physical health of vitiligo. The immunity of pregnant vitiligo women is relatively low, to promise the treatment effects thy need to care about the health care of vitiligo in their daily life. To promise the normal development of fetus and the treatment effects of vitiligo, they need to pay attention to the diet nursing.

Vitiligo pregnant woman how to pay attention to their diet?

Vitiligo patients can eat more foods rich in tyrosine and mineral substances such as meat like beef, rabbit meat, lean pork, animal liver, eggs like hen’s egg, duck’s egg, quail’s egg, milk like cow milk, yogurt, vegetables like fresh vegetables, radishes, eggplants, winter bamboo shoots, black sesame, walnuts, raisins, mud snails, clams and other shellfishes.

Pregnant vitiligo patients should avoid to eat or eat less fresh jujubes, hawthorns, kiwifruits, grapefruits and so on. The pregnant vitiligo patients should avoid eat foods with too sour flavor. They should avoid to eat popcorn processed by the lead containers. They should try to avoid to eat too much foods rich in vitamin C, avoid long time over exposure to the intense sunlight, keep a good mood, moreover, pregnant vitiligo patients should pay attention to the environments around them, avoid the dampness of your living place, get wet in the rains, wading, have cold and so on. But pregnant vitiligo patients should keep a balanced diet at the same time, only in this way, can they promise the nutrition of the fetus development and help to treat vitiligo at the same time.

The harms of vitiligo

The social life health: vitiligo onset sites often on the face, generally in the exposed areas, it often occurred in the hands and face, the vitiligo on these areas often have great influence to the life and study of the study and work of the patients and finally make them suffered a lot.

2. Mental health harm: after the vitiligo patients find out they have this disease, they often have mental problems because of some little things, because of vitiligo on their body, the vitiligo patient’s also will have mental pressures and burden, so the patients often suffered 心from mush pressures, so the family members of the patients should often talk with them, do not make them over anxious.

3. Skin cancer: vitiligo patients can not prevent ultraviolet ray, so the patients should avoid overexposure to the intense sunlight and finally cause skin cancer.  4. The accompaniments: the onset of vitiligo related to some autoimmunity diseases, so some vitiligo patients will have some diseases such as diabetes, thyroid disease, chronic adrenal insufficiency and chronic active hepatitis and so on.


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