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Winter Diet Strategy for Vitiligo Patients

winter diet strategy for vitiligo patientsVitiligo is a kind of serious disease, after they have this disease, their appearance will damaged by this disease more or less, it is a particularly painful disease for vitiligo patients, besides vitiligo also is very stubborn disease, you not only need to treat it positively but also need pay attention to your diet, so vitiligo patients how to adjust their diet in winter? In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction to you.

Vitiligo diet strategy one for vitiligo patients.

Eat more hot foods such as fresh rice and flour, the low temperature foods will influence your digestive systems, make the metabolism, division, and energy consume of protein, fact, carbohydrates these three kinds of nutritive substances speed up. So vitiligo patients should add the intake of hot nutritive foods, moreover, the vitamin B also good to the normal metabolism, you’d better eat more fresh rice, flour, vegetables, fruits and so on, try to eat more coarse grains.

Winter diet strategy two for vitiligo patients.

Vitiligo patients should eat more foods rich in hot mineral substances such as calcium, iron. Vitiligo patients eat more foods rich in calcium and iron also can increase their ability to keep out of the cold. Sensation of chill is related to the lack of mineral substances in the foods especially lack of calcium will influence the cardiac muscle, blood vessel, muscle flexibility and excitability. So vitiligo patients can eat more milk products, bean products, dried small shrimps and other foods rich in calcium. Many female vitiligo patients feel very cold in the winter even in the room with heating, they often get cold hands and feet, the insufficiency of iron intake also is one of the important factors. The woman sensitive to cold can eat more foods rich in iron such as animal livers.

Moreover, the thyroid of vitiligo patients also can secrete a kind of thyroid hormone, has the effect of heat production. So vitiligo patients should eat more foods rich in iodine such as nori. The carrot, sweet potatoes, lotus roots, green Chinese onion, potatoes and root vegetables all contains large amount of mineral substances, vitiligo patients often eat these foods can increase the immunity, cold assistance abilities.

What vitiligo patients should pay special attention to is the color of our skin in the winter is lighter than in other seasons for the lack of sunlight, vitiligo patients mistaken their vitiligo improved and do not go to treat their vitiligo and miss the best time to treat their vitiligo.

Our experts indicate that if you choose the right hospital and proper treatment to treat your vitiligo in winter, you can have a cool summer in the next year.

There’s no need for vitiligo patients to avoid eat fruits.

Vitamin C have whitening effect, it used to do whitening and aid treat  chloasma and other pigmentation skin diseases in the cosmetics industry and clinical skin diseases. It might because of that reason, many vitiligo patients and part of the dermatology experts holds that since vitiligo have whitening effects, it also can deepen the color of vitiligo, so vitiligo patients can not intake vitamin C.

In fact, this because of you do not have enough knowledge of vitiligo. What directly causes vitiligo is the function of melanin pigment cells disappeared in the vitiligo area, have no business with vitamin C. Vitamin C is only have the hysteresis effects to the tyrosinase in the melanin pigment cell, vitamin C only can improve the over pigmentation phenomenon. In fact this effect is also very limited, so it’s whitening effect is not very good.

According to what I mentioned above, we know vitiligo patients should how to adjust their diet. Vitiligo is a kind of serious skin disease, so they should positively treat their vitiligo in their daily life, keep a good mood, avoid over exposed to the sunlight.


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