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The Best Dietary Recipe for Vitiligo Patients

the best dietary structure for vitiligo patientsVitiligo closely related with the people’s daily dietary structure, especially after they have vitiligo, if they keep a bad habits in their dietary, it have great chance to worsen their illness state, that means vitiligo patients should equipped with some basic common senses about dietary health care to assist the treatment of vitiligo and make sure thery finally can get rid of the vitiligo. Generally speaking, according to the clinical research about vitiligo, there are some taboos in their diet, there are some foods they should eat more. In this article, I’d like to briefly introduce the dietary structure for vitiligo patients.

1. Try to avoid eat or eat less foods rich in vitamin C, the vitamin C in our body have great effect to whitish your skin, it have good effect to solve the pigmentation problem, but is have adverse effect to the vitiligo treatment. So vitiligo patients should control the intake of vitamin C. Some fresh vegetables and fruits in our daily life rich in vitamin C such as green chilies, tomatoes, fresh oranges and so on. We should adjust our dietary habits in our daily life.

2. The foods rich in copper element is good for vitiligo treatment, in our dietary, we can eat more foods contains copper or copper protein, these two substances can directly influence the synthesis and metabolism function of melanin pigment in our body. The foods rich in copper in our daily life are mud snails and some foods in fresh water.

3. Foods rich in tyrosine are also good for our health. According to the clinical data, tyrosine in foods can assist treat vitiligo, but this substance only intake from the food can get better effects. We suggest vitiligo patients eat more plucks, lean meats, soybeans, black sesame and so in in their diet, they can drink some milk in the breakfast, this foods not only contains tyrosine but also rich in mineral substances,this is very food for vitiligo treatment.

4. In the traditional Chinese medicine, there are some dietary health care common senses, traditional Chinese medicine holds that the onset of vitiligo is related to the kidney, liver and many other organs function, so according to the common senses of traditional Chinese medicine, vitiligo patients should eat more foods good for their liver and can tonify their kidney and so on. All these are good to assist vitiligo treatment.  Dietary health care have very obvious effect to vitiligo patients, in the clinical research at present, there are not one very clear conclusion about the causes of vitiligo, but it closely related to the immunity, nerve systems and other functions in our body.

So we should pay attention to the dietary habits in our daily life, make sure to have a scientific and efficient dietary structure in our daily life, vitiligo patients should have a dietary structure avoid intake foods might worsen your vitiligo and eat more foods to supply some necessary substances in our body and promote the the synthesis of melanin pigment cells in our body, promote the recovery of normal metabolism function, and make the vitiligo patients recovered as soon as possible.


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