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The Harms of Vitamin C to Vitiligo Patients

vitiligo diet suggestionsIn modern society, with people’s living standard improving, there are more choices in people’s diet, fruit become one of more and more necessary foods in our daily life. There are plenty of fruits rich in vitamin C but vitiligo patients need avoid intake too much vitamin C, they are limited in fruits choices, that brought much confuse and uncomfortable for many teenager and young woman.

To make our disease recovered earlier, vitiligo patients should follow the principle avoid intake too much vitamin C. We need not only to understand the influence of vitamin C to their illness state and the treatment effects. They need to make clear of the truth that intake too much vitamin C is bad to your health. Only in that way, can they volunteering decrease the intake of vitamin C this diet taboo for vitiligo patients.

First, what adverse effects will vitamin C brought to vitiligo illness state and treatment?

1. The bad effects of vitamin C to vitiligo treatment.

We all known in the melanin pigment metabolic process, the tyrosine turn into dopa when it react with tyrosinase, the dopa then oxidated into DOPA quinone, if we add vitamin C in this reaction, we will changed the formed DOPA quinone into dopa. This is the vitamin C hinder the dopa oxidated into the dopa pigment and stopped the melanin synthesis, stopped the melanin pigment regeneration in the skin lesions.

Second, intake of vitamin C will influence our intestine absorb copper ion, it also can decrease the copper oxidase content in our blood serum and finally influence the activity of tyrosinase and inhibit the melanin synthesis. So vitiligo patient should avoid intake vitamin C especially take in large dosage. Vitiligo patients need to avoid intake too much foods rich in vitamin C. According to some data analyzed that there are 11 cases of vitiligo patients have the history of overtake vitamin C among 904 vitiligo cases, these 11 cases, after one to six months intake vitamin C one to 3 grams everyday they have vitiligo. So we can indicate from that part of the vitiligo patients especially those patients with lower copper oxidase activity in their blood serum can induce vitiligo. There is a girl with vitiligo hospitalized in our hospital have vitiligo because of intake too much vitamin C and make the vitiligo generalized to over 70 percent of her whole body.

2. Over intake vitamin C is bad to normal people’s health.

In fact even you are not vitiligo patient, it is not good for your health to intake too much vitamin C.

3. There are some diet taboos about vitamin C.

Avoid certain food is a important link. I had make a brief introduction why intake vitamin C is bad for vitiligo patients, so they need to avoid intake too much foods rich in vitamin C such as fresh oranges, grapefruits, fresh jujubes, hawthorns, kiwifruits and waxberries. These foods they should avoid to eat or eat less.


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