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Does Smoking can Worsen Vitiligo

does smoking can worsen the vitiligoVitiligo brought inconveniences for the life of vitiligo patients and make them suffered a lot from other people. So treat vitiligo is a urgent thing at present, whether smoking can influence the treat of vitiligo? In this article, I’d like to explain it in detail. Smoking is bad for your health I believe this sentence is welled known by everyone. In recent years, a great deal of medical researches proved smoking not only bad for our health but also can interrupt the metabolism of medicines. For vitiligo patients, the bad effects of smoking is even worsen, it not only can decrease the effects of medicine but also can delay the condition of the patients. Cigarettes contain a large amount of nicotine not only can release anti diuretic hormone and make the production of metabolism can not be discharged from our body in time and finally lead to the cause the patient poisoned by the accumulation of medicine.

Once nicotine come into our body, it will influence the metabolic enzyme system in our liver and make the process of the medicine metabolism accelerated or slowed down finally cause the effective concentration of medicine in patient’s blood decreased and can not have the effects it should play. In addition to these, excessive smoking will over consume the mineral substances and many other nutritive materials that needed by the synthesized vitamin C, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, and directly have adverse effects for the vitiligo treatment.

During the period of the vitiligo patients take medicine, they need especially pay attention to this problem. First, in their treatment period, the vitiligo patients had better abstain the cigarettes, especially in the clinical development period, or with serious illness state or accompany with the diseases such as thyroid disease, biett’s disease, diabetes. Second, in the 30 minutes after they take the medicine, they should avoid smoking. The experiments proved that if the vitiligo patient smoking in 30 minutes after they take medicine, the medicine concentration in their blood will dropped to 1/20 when they not smoking, it cause the medicine can not play the treatment role it should be.

Vitiligo can not healed automatically, if your skin have white patches phenomenon and you do not know why, you need go to a specialized vitiligo hospital in timely to systematically diagnose your vitiligo. Cooperate the doctor to treat your vitiligo after make clear of the pathogen of your vitiligo, do not blindly treat your vitiligo, in case delay the condition of your disease and worsen your disease, finally increase the difficulty of your vitiligo.


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