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What vitiligo patient’s should pay attention to when drink yogurt

does yogurt good for vitiligo patientThere are several misunderstandings vitiligo patients should pay attention to. Many vitiligo patients known it is not good to intake too much vitamin C during their treatment so they treat yogurt as a healthy snack. But does yogurt can drink as much as you like? Especially for vitiligo patients, in this article, I’d like to introduce several misunderstandings for your reference.

1. Drink yogurt the more the better.

Yogurt can drink as much as you like? Of course not, you must moderate drink the yogurt or it might cause too much stomach acid influence the secrete of gastric mucosa and digestive enzyme, it will destroy electrolyte balance in our body. Especially you gastrosia in the daily life, often feel deficiency cold in spleen and stomach or feel abdominal distension especially need to pay attention to the amount of yogurt you drink. For the healthy people, one to two cups yogurt everyday is enough, that means drink 250 to 500 grams everyday is proper amount.

2. Yogurt and yogurt beverage are different just like apples and oranges.

Yogurt is made of after the lactic acid bacteria in the milk fermented, it belongs to the category of the milk in nature; the yogurt beverage is one of the beverage not the milk. The nutrition compositions and contents have great difference, the nutrition of yogurt beverage only have 1/3 yogurt nutrition. Although yogurt can treat as a drink in the summer to get rid of heat and quench your thirsty, it have some nutrition at the same time but it definitely can not replace the milk and yogurt.

3. The yogurt can not blindly eat together with other foods.

Yogurt can eat together with many foods and with good tastes especially with bread, deserts, dried food or dilute foods are tastes good with abundant nutrition but remember never match it with sausages, preserved meat and other processed meats with high fat contents. Because the processed meats added nitrous acid will have chemical reaction with it mixed with amine in the yogurt, is a kind of cancerogen. Yogurt can not take with some medicines, the medicines cna damage the nitrous acid in the yogurt.

4. Yogurt have more nutrition compare with milk.

Many vitiligo patients holds that the milk fermented into the yogurt have more nutrition, but from the nutrition aspect to speaking, the two kinds have great difference. But according to some experts introduce, yogurt compare with milk is yogurt is easy to digested and absorbed by our body, in addition to this, the sugar contains in milk most is lactose, some people have upset stomach or diarrhea because of their body lack of milk sugar, so they can use yogurt to take place of milk, they also can eat some starch foods when they drink milk, this way also can solve this problem.


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