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Why Potatoes are Popular in Vitiligo Patients

the goodness of potato to vitiligo patientsPotatoes is the essential foods in our dining table, someone fried to eat, someone stewed to eat, someone steamed to eat, someone cooked to eat with a little salt, someone baked to eat, there are also someone doesn’t like to eat potatoes, in this article, I’d like to offer you 5 reasons for vitiligo patients fall in love with potatoes.

1. Potatoes nutritious, is the anti aging food rich in vitamin B1, B2, B6, pantothenic acid and large amount of high quality fiber.

The potatoes also contains trace elements such as amino acid, protein, fat, high quality of starch and other nutrient elements. Often eat potatoes can make you healthy, aged well.

2. Potatoes is the natural beauty products.

It have good effects of nourishing your skin, maintain the appearance. Fresh potato juice wipe to your face directly have good whitening effects. Our skin is easy to be burned or suntanned in the hot summer, potato juice have obvious effect to get rid of the stains in your skin and without side effects. Potatoes have great beautify effects for the skin around your eyes. stick he well cooked potato slices on your eyes can reduce reduce the pouch dropsy. Sliced potatoes and stick it to your face have good effects of skincare, reduce wrinkles. Young people skin grease is secreted exuberant, often unsettled by acne, pimples, use cotton to dip some potato juice to your skin lesion can help you to solve this problem.

3. Potato can reduce the weight.

Eat potatoes have no needs to worry about too much fat, because it only contains 0.1% fat, the fat content is the lowest in all foods can satisfy your hunger. Eat potatoes everyday can effectively decrease the intake of the fat and also can slowly metabolic your extra fat gradually so you have no need to worry about your figure. Potatoes have great effects for our body, thin person can become fat to eat potatoes and the overweight person can lose weight through eating potatoes. Often eat potatoes can make you slim. If you think your body figure is not well enough, you only need to list potatoes as the must intake foods in your daily diet, you can have the effects of lose the weight without go on a diet. What vitiligo patients should pay attention to is to take potatoes as the staple foods but not as a dish. You can eat one with middle size every time.

4. Potatoes can adjust your weak physique.

Potatoes not only will make people fat but also have the effects of accelerate the wound healing, diuresis and spasmolysis. It can prevent the ecchymosis, neuralgia, arthrities, coronary heart disease and also treat sore eyes. Potatoes rich in K elements, muscle weakness and loss of appetite, long time take diuretic or aperient should eat more potatoes, it can supply the K element we lacked. The high content protein and vitamin B can strengthen your physique and also have the effects of improve your memory and make your mind clear. Vitiligo patients have no appetite in the summer after stick to eat potatoes a period of time you can get a satisfied effects.

5. Often eat potatoes can help you have a good mood.

Potatoes also contains vitamin A. The office worker in modern society easy to be disturbed by depression, lose heart, unsettled and other negative emotions, potato can help you solve this difficulty. The foods can influence people’s emotions.

Because there are many mineral substances and vitamin A contains in potatoes, it can help vitiligo patients to change their mood in a good way.

Potatoes is the real green foods, it did not need the fertilizer and pesticide, it easy to grow have stubborn life, it brought great goodness to vitiligo patients.


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