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Vitiligo Patients Can Eat Apples

vitiligo patient can eat applesApple is one of the common fruits in our daily life, apple rich in nutrition, contain many kinds of vitamins, mineral materials, sugars, fat and so on. Eat apples also can help digestion and weight loss and so on.

After you have vitiligo, the vitiligo patients should avoid vitamin C,avoid or eat less foods rich in vitamin C. If the apple also contain vitamin C, can vitiligo patients eat apples? The experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital analyze from nutrition aspect, they think vitiligo patients can eat apple, in this article I will brief introduce some goodness of apple to vitiligo patients.

1. The colloid and trace elements in apple can maintain the stability of the blood sugar and can effectively reduce the cholesterol.

2. In the air polluted environments, eat more apple can improve our respiratory system and lung function, protect our lung free from the effects of pollution and dust.

3. The apple contains polyphenol and flavonoid natural chemical antioxidants can reduce the risk of lung cancer, preventing lead poisoning.

4. The distinctive flavor of a apple can release the negative emotions caused by over stress and also have the effect of refresh your spirits.

5. The apple rich in crude fiber, it can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis make defecate eduction smoothly, decrease the damage of the poison substances to our skin.

6. The apple contains many trace elements such as magnesium, sulfur, iron, copper, iodine, manganese, zinc and other trace elements can make skin fine and smooth, lubricate, rosy and with luster.

7. The apple contains many kinds of vitamins, mineral substances, sugars, fat and so on, is the necessary nutrition for the metabolism of our body.

Vitamin C just one of the vitamins, it only contains a little on the apple, compare with it nutrition effects, it is insignificant. So our experts indicates the vitiligo patients can eat apples.


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