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Diet Suggestions for Vitiligo Patients

vitiligo on shoulderVitiligo patients can eat more foods rich in tyrosinase and mineral materials such as lean meat (beef, rabbit meat, pork meat and so on ), plucks, milk, vegetables such as carrots, eggplants, winter bamboo shoots, fungus. Beans such as soya beans, peas, mung beans, bean products and so on. Peanuts, black sesame, walnuts, raisins and so on these foods also good to vitiligo patients. Avoiding eating too much foods rich in vitamin C, avoid eating spicy, pungent and stimulate foods.

Vitiligo patients should avoid wines and cigarettes, do not stay up too late, eat chilies, drinking carbonated beverages, yogurt, acid food, shrimps, crabs. The foods rich in vitamin C mainly are fruits, you can properly eat some watermelons, bananas the other kinds should try to eat less. Do not eat tomatoes, white radish, caraway and so on. Avoid eating garlic, green onions, fishes, shrimps, mutton, bamboo shoots, pickles, chilies, wines and so on.

You can eat more nuts like ginkgoes, walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, chestnuts, lotus seeds, lotus seeds, pumpkin seeds, pine seeds, watermelon seeds, apricot kernels and so on. Beans and bean kinds, black sesame, plucks and so on.

I’d like to offer you some recipes good for vitiligo patients they are Chinese yam japonica rice porridge, Lily japonica rice porridge, coix seed porridge.

1. Chinese yam japonica rice porridge: cooked Chinese yam with japonica rice. This porridge have the effects of tonifying spleen nourishing the stomach, invigorating lung and kidney.

2. Lily japonica rice porridge: cooked lily together with japonica rice. This porridge have the effects of cool and refreshing, get rid of hot.

3. Coix seed porridge: add proper water into coix seed, cooked in the pot. It have the effects of aid digestion, treat constipation, inhibit acid, relieve distension and relax the bowels.


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