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Vitiligo Patients How to Adjust Their Dietary in the Early Autumn

vitiligo dietVitiligo as a kind of stubborn skin disease, you can not imagine how much pain it brought to the patients and their family members. For the vitiligo patients, the treatment is vital, the daily dietary is very important. We all known that dietary is part of our life and source of many diseases, vitiligo patients should pay attention to it. The experts indicates that the reasonable diet play a booster action in the vitiligo treatment and also benefits to their health.

Vitiligo patients how to adjust their dietary in the early autumn? The experts in the Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital said vitiligo is a kind of skin disease caused by postal local depigmentated, the pathogens are complex, easy to diagnose but hard to cure. But the symptoms of the vitiligo is relatively obvious, so in the condition of the skin shown some abnormal phenomenon, you should go to the hospital to see the doctor in timely, pay attention to adjust your diet in your daily life, you will achieve a better treatment effect.

1. In the diet aspect, the vitiligo patients should pay attention to the diet match, you should eat more nutrition foods that can satisfy the supply of trace elements to our body and provide enough nutrition need. The vitiligo patients can eat more foods contain tyrosinase, because tyrosinase can promote the melanin secrete and synthesize, it helpful for the vitiligo treatment.

2. The vitiligo patients should eat less foods rich in vitamin C. Why? The experts indicates that the vitamin C is very good to normal people but the vitamin C hinder the synthesis of melanin, will obstruct the synthesis of the melanin. The foods rich in vitamin C are fresh citrus, grapefruits, strawberries, waxberries and so on. In addition to this, some seafood and mutton easy to induce skin allergic and stimulating food should eat less.

3. Properly supply the copper element. The clinic indicates the copper and ceruloplasmin content in the blood and vitiligo tissue of the vitiligo patients is much lower than normal people, the patients need intake some foods contain copper properly. Avoid wines and cigarettes. There are lot of composition such as nicotine, acetone, phenolics and so on adverse to the melanin synthesis and the medicine absorption, the vitiligo patients should avoid wines and cigarettes.


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