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If Vitiligo Patients can Eat Black Sesame

if vitiligo patients can eat black sesameWhether vitiligo patients can eat black sesame? Some vitiligo patients are not very clear about this question. The experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital said the vitiligo patients should pay special attention to their diet especially those pediatric patients with vitiligo or it might influence their development. Some experts said pediatric patients with vitiligo can eat some black sesame, it is good for their disease recovery. So, whether vitiligo patients can eat black sesame? In this article, I’d like to explain it clearly for your reference.

The children in the phase of growth and development, they are more need to the intake of a variety of vitamins, trace elements, black sesame is one of it. But many children do not willing to eat black sesame, because it out their taste and black sesame looks not as attract them as food with different color for them. In there I’d like to introduce some coups for parents to let the children eat black sesame:

1. Grind the sesame into powder after it stir until cooked called sesame powder. Eat sesame together with it’s peel is not easy to digest, after grind into powder it not only emit charming fragrance but also helps the body to absorb it.

2. 6o grams of japonica rice, use the clear water to soak for one hour, remove to drain, yam 15 grams cut into small particles, black sesame 120 grams stir-fry, add fresh cow milk 200 grams mixed with water, ground into a paste and leach pulp; add right amount water, add rock candy 120 grams, boil to dissolve, pour the paste into the pot mix with rock candy, add rose sugar 6 grams, stirring into a paste while you cook it, well after eating. It have the effects of enriching yin and nourishing kidney, benefit spleen and lubricate the intestines. It applicable to the symptoms of kidney deficiency, weak after illness, fry feces, premature graying of hair. The middle aged or aged intake often have the effect of strong physical body, prolong life.

Sesame powder has a variety of ways to eat. I will introduce in the below.

Mix ground sesame powder and honey together, coating on the bread or put in the salad dressing to get the benefits of sesame one hundred percent. Half hour after you get up and half hour before you go to sleep eat a tablespoon of sesame powder about 20 grams separately. Black sesame have the effect of nourishing blood, liver and kidney, often eat some stir-fry sesame powder can postpone and control eyes are dim. Mix walnut powder with sesame powder, eat 15 grams before you go to bed have very obvious effect to improve your sleep quality, so it is often used to treat the symptoms of neurasthenia, insomnia, forgetful, dreaminess and so on.

So selective eating certain food can have the effect of medical and food. All in all, vitiligo patients should have a reasonable and scientific dietary pattern, diverse diet, avoid overeating, partiality to certain food and too many taboos for your dietary, keep a good dietary is good for them recovery.

For vitiligo patients diet can never careless, vitiligo patients might made vitiligo diet taboo without even aware of it, that might worsen your illness state, bring adverse effect to the vitiligo treatment. Vitiligo patients should eat less spicy, stimulating, pungent goods like wines, peppers, gingers, mutton, fishes, shrimps and other marine food products, avoid eat too much foods rich in vitamin C like citrus, oranges, grapefruits, kiwifruits, tomatoes, hawthorns, wax berries and other foods. The black sesame, black soya beans, walnuts, bean products and plucks is very good for their illness state.


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