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What Dood is Good for Vitiligo Patients

what food is good for vitiligo patientsVitiligo is a common pigmentary disease in the dermatological department, the onset of vitiligo brought great impact to vitiligo patient’s mental and physical health, so vitiligo patients should careful and do the corresponding daily care in their daily life, do a good job in their daily diet is have great help in their recovery. So what they should pay attention to in their daily life.

1. Black fungus, hog blood, mung beans, honey. These are detoxification foods with good effect and cheap price. The black fungus grown in the shady moist environment, so the Chinese medicine holds it have the effect of invigorating the blood circulation, cold blood nourishing, eliminate the heat in the blood poison. Black fungus, hog blood have strong slippery bowel function, often eat it can take most of intestinal toxins out of your body. Mung beans have the feature of sweet and cold, it have the effect of clearing away heat and toxic materials, diuresis, heat quench.  2. Bitter gourd, bitter tea, the bitter taste of food all with slightly bitter taste, aftertaste is sweet, with functions of detoxification, can clear away heat. The bitter gourd have the effects of clearing heat and eliminating the summer hot, toxins detoxification, bright eyesight and so on. There is a kind of protein has obvious anticancer physiological activity, this kind of protein can stimulate the body defense immune system function, increase the activity of immune cells, eliminate harmful substances in our body.

2. Vitamin C is adverse to vitiligo diagnosis, is one of the important factor to cause or worsen the vitiligo, this is mainly because vitamin C can hinder the melanin biosynthesis, infect the intestine absorb copper ion, decrease the activity of serum copper oxidase in our blood thus influence the activity of tyrosinase. So the vitiligo experts suggest vitiligo patients need try to avoid the directly intake of vitamin C if you want to prevent vitiligo.

3. Vitiligo patients should also try to avoid eating too much foods rich in vitamin C, such as fresh oranges, grapefruits, fresh jujubes, hawthorns, cherries, kiwifruits, strawberries, wax berries, tomatoes, green peppers and so on. Because our body needs vitamin C, so we stress to eat less not avoid eat foods rich in vitamin C, some vitiligo patients have high sensitivity to vitamin C, they might intake a little vitamin C cause the development of their disease, this situation has but does not see more, so if your vitiligo developing because the intake of vitamin C, you should go to hospital to see the doctor as soon as possible, and timely counseled about how to quickly stop the vitiligo spreading to your doctor. If you want to prevent vitiligo, you need a healthy dietary.

Warm prompts: vitiligo is a chronic skin disease very hard to treat, this disease have a longer treatment course, so it is very relatively hard to treat. Pay attention to the treatment is very important when you have vitiligo, but a good dietary is also indispensable, the good dietary can indirectly treat your vitiligo.


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