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The Food Taboo for Vitiligo Patients

vitiligo patients food tabooWhen we talk about vitiligo, I think that everyone is not strange with that disease,the occurrence of vitiligo seriously damaged the appearance of vitiligo patients, so we should positively treat it once we have vitiligo symptoms. When we in the treatment of vitiligo we should keep in mind the taboo of vitiligo at the same time. So what food taboo for vitiligo patients? In this article, I’d like to explain it clearly to everyone.

The food taboo for vitiligo patients.

1. Avoid cigarettes and wines. Long term smoking will make you at the state of exciting, the synthesis of neurotransmitter or Catecholamine material increased, these materials will consume tyrosinase in our body during the their period of synthesis. The tyrosinase is one of the necessary materials to synthesize melanin pigment, the neurotransmitter and catecholamine material increased in a large amount will make the tyrosinase the melanin pigment synthesis needs lacked cause the melanin synthesis decreased. Moreover,

Vitiligo patients drinking not only can cause micro circulation disturbance but also can decrease their immunity, it very adverse to the vitiligo treatment.

2. Avoid eating or eating less foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin C is a kind of antioxidant will prevent the further oxidation of dopa and changed into dopa pigment, make the synthesized dopa enzyme reduce into dopa finally lead to the melanin synthesis failed, so vitiligo should avoid eating or eating less foods rich in vitamin C, some vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C such as green peppers, tomatoes, citrus, grapefruits, lemons, hawthorns, fresh jujubes, cherries, kiwi fruits and so on.   

3. Avoid eating pungent and spicy foods such as mutton, chilies, seafood, pungent beverages and so on. Moreover, the spinach rich in oxalic acid easy to make the skin lesion itch, vitiligo patients also need to avoid to eat. Because stimulating foods generally will stimulate sebum secretion is more vigorous, the sebum blocked in the pores and not easy to discharge out, the germs will take advantage of it and generating in the pore rich in nutrition and finally cause inflammatory.

4. Avoid eating shrimps, fishes and other marine food products. I suggest the vitiligo patients should eat less shrimps and fishes, because although they have very high nutritional value, but marine food products still belongs to stimulating foods will cause the occurrence and relapse of vitiligo is very adverse for the vitiligo, might cause the recovered patient’s relapse again.

Vitiligo patients daily care.

1. Avoid ultraviolet ray.

Vitiligo patients should avoid long term over exposure to the sunlight, they should avoid the obsessive exposure to the sunlight, especially in the summer because the ultraviolet ray in the sunlight will inhibit the melanin pigment metabolism and make it difficult for the synthesis of melanin pigment, so vitiligo patients should avoid directly shine by the sunlight in the summer.

2. Keep a good mind state is the most important. Vitiligo patients should have confidence do not lose heart in the treatment of vitiligo, keep good mind state and have steady faith, although, vitiligo is easy to find but not easy to cure disease, but if we treat vitiligo through scientific way to treatment and with the faith that their vitiligo must can be cured these psychological hints to vitiligo I think we will have better effect for vitiligo.

I think from what I mentioned above you will have a basic understanding about what you should eat and what you should not to eat. The vitiligo patients must positively face that disease.

Through I mentioned above, I think you all have certain knowledge about vitiligo diet taboo, the reasonable diet is good for our recovery.


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