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Vitiligo patients can eat honey

vitiligo patient can eat honeyMany vitiligo patients wants to known what they should eat and what to should not to eat, some one want to known whether they can eat honey, in this article, I’d like to explain it clearly.

The honey full of nutriments contains about 70% glucose and fructose also contains protein, inorganic salts, organic acid, multivitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphor and other substances, so vitiligo patients in their daily life can appropriately eat some honey, honey also is a kind of natural nourishing food full of nutrition, one of the most common tonic. According to the analysis, the honey contains many inorganic salts with nearly concentration with our blood serum, vitamin, iron, calcium, copper, manganese, potassium, phosphor, varies organic acid, trace elements that good for our human body, fructose, glucose, amylase, oxidazing enzyme, reducing enzyme and other substances, have the nourishing, moistening dryness, detoxicating effects. So vitiligo patients can eat honey in there daily life.

There are several points that honey can help us.

1. Honey can improve contents in our blood, promote the heart and vessels function, so often eat honey is very good for vitiligo patients.

2. Vitiligo have protective effect for our liver, can promote the liver cells regenerate, have certain inhibit effect for formation of fatty liver, the one of the causes of vitiligo is the internal organs disorder, so eat honey is good for vitiligo patients.

3. Eat honey can quickly replenish physical strength, remove fatigue, enhance resistance to the disease.

4. Honey also have the disinfect effect, often eat honey not only have no hurt for our teethes also have disinfect effect in our mouth.

5. Honey also can treat moderate skin damage especially scald, use the honey to smear on the would can stop the germ growth.

6. Insomnia people take one spoonful honey add in one cup of warm boiled water before them go to bed every night can help them to sleep as soon as possible.

7. Honey can smoothing intestine and relieving constipation.

What I mentioned above is the specific introduce about goodness about honey for vitiligo patients, I wish these can help you.


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