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what foods vitiligo patients should avoid

what food vitiligo patients should avoid to eatVitiligo is a special skin disease, it’s hard to cure and with long treatment cycle, will relapse. The main cause of vitiligo is the synthesis ability of melanophore decreased or obstructed. So there are some things you should pay attention to in the vitiligo dietary especially in what foods the vitiligo patients need to avoid, so how many dietary principles in vitiligo patient’s dietary, in this article, I’d like to introduce some foods vitiligo patients need avoid.

1. Foods rich in vitamin C

One of the causes of vitiligo is the melanin pigment generating function degenerated. Vitamin C is a reducing agent, it can interrupt the synthesis of melanin; in addition to this, it also can influence our intestinal tract to absorb copper ion, decrease the copper oxidase activity in the blood serum and influence the tyrosinase activity. So this kind of food you should avoid to eat or try to eat less such as hawthorn, cherry, kiwifruit, grapefruit, strawberry and so on.

2. Too sour or too spicy food

Vitiligo patients need pay special attention to this kind of food, these foods on the one hand can influence the uptake of the medicine used to treat vitiligo, also will make the skin appear pimple and fat even worsen the vitiligo disease on the other hand, so you should pay special attention to.

3 Do not excessively drinking and smoking

Vitiligo patients should try to avoid drinking and smoking, the wines and cigarettes can influence the treatment effects, excessive drinking and smoking will upset your emotion, the negative emotions also can influence the vitiligo treatment.

In addition to what I mentioned above you should avoid to eat too much, vitiligo patients also should eat more foods contains tyrosinase and mineral materials such as lean meat, eggs, milk and so, supply some trace mental elements you lack, increase the tyrosinase activity in our body, increase the melanin metabolism, this is helpful to the vitiligo treatment.


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