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The Scientific Diet Treatment of Vitiligo in 2016

scientific diet for vitiligo in 2016Vitiligo diet one is try to eat more food contains tyrosine and mineral substances such as meat, the beef, rabbit, pork lean meat all the best choice, the animal livers, eggs like chicken egg, duck egg, quail egg, the milk like cow milk, yogurt, the vegetables like fresh vegetables, radishes, eggplants, winter bamboo shoots, fungus, sea vegetables and so on. The beans such as soybeans, pea, mung beans, bean products and so on, peanuts, black sesame, walnuts, raisins, shellfishes like screw, clams, oysters and so on.

Vitiligo patient’s diet two, the walnut kernels 500 grams, black sesame 300 grams, grinding into mud, mixed it up, storage for spare. Take 50 grams every time, pour it into the 500 ml soy-bean milk, boiling and add some white sugar to eat, take once in the morning and once in the evening, you need to take it often.

The vitiligo patient’s diet three is peanut kernel 15 grams, red flower one, glossy privet fruit 15 grams, rock candy 30 grams. Broken the glossy privet fruit first, add peanut kernel, red flower, rock sugar and water to boil it to drink as tea, one dose every day and eat peanut kernel, insist often while avoid pepper, wine no matter is beer or white spirit; avoid to eat tomatoes because tomato rich in vitamin C. The vitamin C and interrupt the synthesis of melanin pigment and stop the melanin pigment at the skin lesion regenerated. There are many foods rich in vitamin C such as citrus, grapefruits, apricots, hawthorns, cherries, kiwi fruits, strawberries, waxberries and so on. Try to avoid or eat less these foods.

Eat more food contains copper element. But the diet therapy is not the way an get rid of your vitiligo from the root, all these foods I mentioned above is just normal daily food, it can avoid your vitiligo worsen in some degree, the main pathogen of vitiligo is the melanin pigment apoptosis and decreased in your body cause the vitiligo in your skin, then you must want to ask why the melanin pigment apoptosis? It is because the melanin pigment production environment was destroyed, what is the melanin pigment production environment are? That is qi and blood, endocrine system, immunity, micro circulation, internal organs and so on. So if you want to treat vitiligo, you must treat it from the root, our hospital choose the traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine to treat vitiligo, use use the traditional Chinese medicine to get rid of the poison in our blood and use the western medicine to nurse our health, only by this way, can we treat vitiligo from the root.


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