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Diet for vitiligo patients

food for vitiligo patientsVitiligo patients need vigorously follow the food prohibition, vitiligo patients need keep regular and positive life patterns and mental state, avoid or eat less pungent, spicy or stimulating food, take timely measures to treat when find vitiligo symptoms, do not have heaven burdens.

The principle vitiligo patients need to follow in their diet

1. Do not partial eclipse

Vitiligo patients in their daily life should pay attention to scientific diet adjust, pay attention to various kinds of food matches to ensure the enough nutrients our body needs, the partial eclipse will lead to the disorder of food matches cause nutrient deviation that might cause the relatively lack of the necessary material of the melanin synthesis. So the partial eclipse is a bad diet behavior and need to be corrected.

2. Intake some food contains cooper.

There are some experiment data indicates the contents of cooper and ceruloplasmin in vitiligo patient’s blood and vitiligo tissues is lower than normal people. The vitiligo patients need to intake more food contains copper and use the copper kettles, spoons and other copper tableware to supply cooper. That not only can ease or avoid poisoning caused by oral take or vein approach take medication but also can treat as a feasible aid therapy to treat vitiligo.

3. Eat more food contains TRY.

Such as the beef and pork in the lean meat, bird eggs, plucks(such as liver, kidney and so on), milk, fresh vegetables, bean kinds such as soybean, lentils, green beans, bean products and so on. The peanuts, black sesame, raisins, nuts (such as walnut and so on), the mineral foods such as shellfish food that include escargos, clam, razor clam, oysters and so on.

4.The important link is food prohibition.

The vitiligo patients should try to avoid or eat less food rich in vitamin C, such as fresh orange, grapefruit, fresh dates, hawthorn, cherry, kiwi fruits, strawberry, waxberry and so on. Daily experience also indicates the food too pungent or too acid and some so called hot food or stimulating food such as flying fish mouth, shrimps, crabs, mutton, dog meat and so on, no matter according to data records, the patient mainly complains or intracutaneous test all proved the sensitization incidence of these foods is very high and all these foods should be avoided to eat.

The foods vitiligo patients need to eat more.

The blood and vitiligo sites in vitiligo patients deficiency of some micro metal elements leads to the TRY enzyme activity diseased in our body consequent the synthesis of melanin pigment cause the disease. So the patients need to eat more food rich in metal elements such as copper, zinc, iron and so on, these food can increase the TRY enzyme activity and speedy the synthesis of melanin pigment. Vitiligo patients need to eat more food contains TRY and mineral materials such as meat, plucks, eggs, milk, fresh vegetables, bean products, peanuts, black sesame, walnuts, raisins and so on.

The food vitiligo patients should not to eat.

The food vitiligo patients should not to eat includes green onion, garlic, fish, shrimp, bamboo shoots, pickles, peppers, wine and so on; the spinach contains too much acid will make their lesion site itching should be avoid; try to avoid or eat less food contains vitamin C, vitamin C can break off the melanin production in the melanin pigment metabolic process and worsen the vitiligo.

Warm prompt: vitiligo patients should take medicine in time in their treatment period and do not change the medicine dosage and the time of taking medicine, pay attention to the psychological training, learn to adjust negative emotions, they also should notice the daily health care, especially try to eat more food rich in metal elements such copper, metal, zinc and so on.


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