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Vitiligo Causes

Vitiligo is caused by a loss of pigment in the skin, due to destruction of pigment-forming cells known as melanocytes.

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The Special Pathogenesis Of Vitiligo

As we al known that the incidence of the vitiligodisease is still unknown , about pathogenesis opinions, there is generally believed that the disease is genetic quality of individuals in a variety of internal and external factors stimulate...[ Read More ]

The Neurological Factors Of Vitiligo

Vitiligo can casue a great harm to patients, and the prevalence of vitiligo is also very high. Once patients are suffering from vitiligo, it will form a lot of etiology, so patients with vitiligo should actively to know about some common di...[ Read More ]

What Is The Incidence Of Vitiligo Disease Groups

Vitiligo is a smooth skin white spot disease, the patients skin is mainly to white patches as the main form of expression, to patients caused by the impact is very big also, also have a lot of patients with perennial suffering from vitiligo...[ Read More ]

How To Solve Vitiligo Psychological Problems

The psychological problems of vitiligo is very important, it directly affects the treatment of vitiligo, we all know that vitiligo directly influence to the problems which we face nowdays, there are a lot of patients with vitiligo have a se...[ Read More ]

Treatment Of Hand Eczema

Eczema is a complexing skin disease, the causes of the eczema is various, so the treatment of the eczema is relatively hard. So whats the best treatment for hand eczema? Here are the detailed introduction about the treatment of hand eczema....[ Read More ]

Etiology Of Nerve Vitiligo

The etiology of vitiligo disease in patients with nerve vitiligo have various symptom , and the disease will bring great harm to the health of patients, so for the sake of their own health, patients need timely to get a corresponding treatm...[ Read More ]

What are the causes of facial vitiligo

We all know that vitiligo is although a superficial skin disease, it either painful or itchy,but it greatly impact on the patients skin and soul, and it seriously damage to the persons appearance, it cause the bad contusion of the human spi...[ Read More ]

Does Immnue System Influence On Vitiligo Treatment

As we all know that there are various skin diseases recently and skin allergy cases keep increasing, the rapid development on the treatment of skin disease, the human body is a whole closely related to the system, the relationship between t...[ Read More ]

Association Between Vitiligo And Hypopigmentation

As we all know, the human skin is composed of dermis and subcutaneous tissue and skin appendages. Among them, the skin is divided into 5 layers from the inside to the outside as the basal layer, prickle cell layer and granular layer, the tr...[ Read More ]

Is Vitiligo Contagious

Vitiligo is a discoloration change due to local skin melanin metabolism disorder caused which has no other abnormal changes in addition to hypopigmentation. Therefore, vitiligo is not contagious. But why some people think it is an infectiou...[ Read More ]

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