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The Diagnosis of Vitiligo is Based on What

vitiligo diagnosis based on whatVitiligo is a common and with high incidence pigment skin disease, the vitiligo treatment is difficult. The condition of vitiligo is complex, different symptoms and different types with different treatments and different types. So the vitiligo diagnosis is vital to vitiligo treatment. So how to determine vitiligo diagnostic basis? Now I’d like to introduce it clearly.

Diagnose according to the symptoms

Vitiligo lesion is a pure white round patches or irregular depigmentation spots with smooth surface, clear boundary, pigment increased in the edge,the hair color of vitiligo patients can be white and also can be normal, this diagnosis relatively effective.

Diagnose according to pathogenic site

Vitiligo pathogenic sites often on the head, face, neck, back, body, pudendum and other parts of the body. Especially these areas like head, face, neck, button, back, and other parts often occurred vitiligo, it’s easy appear in the area exposure to the sunlight or suffer from frictions. This is one of the effective ways to diagnose vitiligo.


The characteristic of vitiligo is part or generalized depigmentation form white patches on epidermal skin. Vitiligo can not make you feel hurt itch or redness and swelling in any part of your body, white patches will have reaction when it exposure to the sunlight, this is a common vitiligo diagnosis.

(1) Nevus anemicus: is a congenital reduce splash, most exist before born, because the reduce splash can turn black. Generally speaking, the vitiligo surface smooth, without scale and scab, the sense and secrete function are normal, but a few patients feel itch in the white spots, the individual is acute itch, this condition will occur during the development and effective period; and there have few vitiligo patients the secretion sweat smell in the white spots. Typical white blood capillary is less than normal, rub lesion area, the surrounding skin dermohemia but he white spots still the same, so it can be distinguished from vitiligo.

(2) Achromic naevus: vitiligo occur after birth or shortly after birth the damage always distribute along nerve segment, it manifest as the local or generative reduce splash, with unclear boundary, edge always in the shape of zigzag.

Warm prompt: If you and your friends have vitiligo, please timely to normal hospital to receive treatment. Try to early found early treatment, moreover, vitiligo patients should pay attention to right nutrition arrange, a reasonable diet can help us restore a health body.


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