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Mental Factors and Vitiligo

vitiligo causeMental tension can cause the vitiligo the answer is sure. Mental have great influence to your health. Mental factors generally is about the external stimuli that can leads to the loss of pigment in our skin. With the increasing stress of our life, many people in the state of mental tension for a long time, some people would ask if the mental tension would cause vitiligo. Now I’d like to introduce this question in detail.

Now with the social competition stress increasing year after year, parents want their kids more excellent than other children, many kinds of tutorial classes come into being, nowadays children no longer enjoy their vacation, live their life every day in the intense learning cause so much mental tension. Some parents see their kids have white spots on their body and think about whether it was cause by mental tension. I’d like to explain this phenomenon.

Whether too much tension will trigger vitiligo?

Our experts point out frequently stay up late and overtired all can influence people’s emotion cause some problems in the release of melanin cells in our body, cause the damage of melanin cells, the skin will become white.

Now the vitiligo onset age almost around 20 years old, vitiligo is the limited or generalized depigmentation formed white patches. This teenager onset rate is even higher, the vitiligo patients under 20 make the 50% in all number of infected. The researches indicates that most people are teenagers in this age period, their disease related to the reduce of their immune function, unbalanced nutrients, environmental pollution and so on. This factors can avoid, this closely related to the patients habits.

This teenagers have vitiligo often in the period undertake the most pressures. Such as the night before the college entrance examination, stay up late for their works and so on. In this time with this mental tension can speedy their illness and cause the occurrence of vitiligo. Although mental tension can not cause vitiligo alone but is an cofactor can trigger, speedy the vitiligo. This is because the mental tension will cause the body immune function disorder.

Clinically there was a scholar made statistics about the vitiligo causes, it turns out mental factors trigger vitiligo account for about 35%, some was caused by stimulation, some suffered from mental tension and others was caused by thought depression. Their are many patient’s disease worsen related to many factors such as mental tension, psychological stress, down in spirits, depressed, pessimist and disappointed and sleep disorder.


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