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Vitiligo Cause and Treatment

vitiligo cause and treatmentVitiligo is a common intractable skin disease. The mainly reason cause the occurrence of vitiligo is the melanin cells in our skin lost it’s function, so what the main factor cause this? Now, I’d like to introduce it simply and then introduce some treatments.

What cause the vitiligo?

1. Industry pollution:

Discharge of industrial waste is one of the factors that cause the vitiligo occurred frequently in recent years. In resent years, a large number of industrial pollutant gas emissions damaged the ozone layer in the atmosphere cause the excess ultraviolet ray exposure to the ground bring some damage to the body cause the onset of vitiligo.

2. Intake too much unhealthy diet:

Many food contained much chemical addictive agent not up to the health standard such as coloring agent, corrosion remover, sweetening agent and so on. After this substance was excess absorb by the body will block melanin cells synthesis and cause the vitiligo further development.

3. Endocrine system disorder:

Endocrine system and immune system disorder, some chemical and heavy metal toxic substance will cause the disorder of body immune function cause endocrine function disorder further produce the melanin cells antibodies induce the melanin cells damage, lost and cause the onset of vitiligo.

4. deficiency of micro elements:

The researches indicates the deficiency of micro elements and ratio imbalance can cause obstacle of melanin cells synthesis, the micro elements not only directly participate in the synthesis of the melanin cells but also can prevent melanin cells from damaging by heavy metal toxic substance. So to prevent the vitiligo occur, you should add a lot of micro elements on your body, make sure balanced nutrition.

Let’s talk about vitiligo treatment, our hospital adopt traditional Chinese medicine combine with modern western medicine and advanced modern medical devices comprehensively treat vitiligo, adopt UM-D treatment. If you want to know more about our hospital treatments, you can browse our internet to known more.

I wish after you read what I mentioned above, you will have a better understanding of vitiligo cause and treatment.


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