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Trauma can Cause Vtiligo

trauma vitiligoTrauma type vitiligo is the direct cause about vitiligo onset is trauma. Trauma included mechanical injury, burns, frostbites, corrosion injury and so on. This is because after body get injured, the located muscle at the high stress state cause the nerve fiber damage, endocrine system disorder and immune function declined.

The trauma type vitiligo generally occurred on the injured scars, start with many needle shaped small white dots, with the disease development, the symptom of trauma type vitiligo will more and more clear, the white spots will gradually develop and formed into big white patches. Clinically the trauma type vitiligo will formed white patches with different sizes and different shapes in the lesion part. The pigment around there will darken, the number of white patches is uncertain, the boundary is clear, the hair in there will become white, the vitiligo can appear in any part of the body. But mostly the white patches will appear on one’s face, neck, back of hands, sometimes the lesion will distribute i n the shape of belt or segment.

The trauma type vitiligo pathology can the melanin growth function with obstacles that means when the pigment lost can not generate automatic, in this situation, even bite by the mosquito can not recovered. And there are another possibility, it might caused by located trauma nerve fiber damage, it also might the trauma cause the muscle at the high stress state that will make the body nerve endocrine system disorder, reduce the synthesis of melanin.

the trauma type vitiligo start with a rather shallow white, with the development of vitiligo, the white gradually deepening, present pure white color. The vitiligo come to a certain degree, the fine hair and hair on the human body will gradually turned white, when it comes serious degree, the CuiMao and hair will loss, the sweat pores will blocked, the lesion part have not sweats spill for the sweat pores was blocked in the summer season. The most important character of trauma type vitiligo is it quit easy to expand, so if you have trauma, you’d better pay attention to the skin change on the lesion part, we’d better to protect ourselves try to avoid the trauma appearance.

The trauma type vitiligo happened in different age, the process of the disease occurrence is quite slow and not easy to be found, it quite easy to be ignorant. The lesion of this disease have different sizes, limited depigmentation white patches with pigment deepening around there, the number of white patches have clear boundary, the hair in there can turn white and might happen in any part of our body, but mostly on face, neck, back of our hand, sometimes will arranged in the shape of belt or segment.

There are many opinions about the treatment of trauma type vitiligo, the common treatment is based on the medicine treatment, enhance comprehensive psychotherapy is very important. The trauma type vitiligo is not suitable to receive epidermis transplant surgery, because the patient’s vitiligo was cause by trauma, so the patient’s physical fitness is sensitive to any kind of trauma reaction. Moreover the risk of body epidermal transplant is big, easy to cause isomorphic action. The trauma type vitiligo should adopt the early found early treatment principle try to control and avoid it’s expanding.


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