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Vitiligo and Body Immune System

vitiligo on stomachFirstly I want to talk about the relationship between vitiligo and autoimmune system. And to see whether the vitiligo is related with autoimmune system.

In recent years there are more and more researches about the vitiligo, especially for those incidence reasons become the medical research hot spots, there are many opinions about the vitiligo incidence causes, different schools have different opinions, the relationship between the vitiligo and autoimmune system always the hot point to argue. Let’s see some specific introductions.

The relationship between vitiligo and it’s autoimmune system earned much focus from all over the world, because there are about 20%-30% vitiligo patients with autoimmune system endocrine diseases, such as CLT, diabetes, Chronic adrenocortical function and so on. Often with autoimmune diseases like rheumatic arthritis, SLE, sclerodermia, Focal colitis, myasthenia gravis, pernicious anemia and autoimmune hemolytic anemia and so on. It may jointly have immune system pernicious tumor and so on. The vitiligo have relationship with immune system.

In the relatives of vitiligo patients, with autoimmune system diseases increased obviously, in the autoimmune system patients, vitiligo incidence rate is generally 10 to 15 double than normal people. Vitiligo patients have cells immune function low phenomena after have a test. The test showed that the antithyroid, antismooth muscle, anti parietal cells and antinuclear antibodies and other their own antibodies in patient’s blood serum higher than normal people. Most of the patients have anti melanin cells antibodies in their blood serum but the normal people do not have that antibody.

There have clinical autoimmune disease phenomenon present are isomorphic reaction and with halo nevus concurrency. Isomorphic reaction: vitiligo is related with autoimmune. With halo nevus concurrency: there are vitiligo history pathology around halo nevus have some phenomena just like other autoimmune disease. The vitiligo patients use cortical hormone in internal use or external use especially to those damage not distribute along the dermatomere have a better result.

After reading the basic introduction of what I mentioned above, we can know that immune system indeed related to the vitiligo, but we do not have directly evidence. So the vitiligo pathology still remain to proved. So Whether the vitiligo will cause the decline of body’s immune system still remain unclear.


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