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Why you Have Vitiligo

why you have vitiligoWhy you have vitiligo? there are many factors may induce the vitiligo, I will expalin it clearly it the follow part, after reading this article, you well have a better understand about your vitiligo.

1. Some Mysterious Factors that May Induce Vitiligo.

A. The occurrence of vitiligo closely related to mental factors: Under the regulation of neurohumoral contributed to the formation of melanin and the central nervous system closely related to the occurrence of vitiligo. The investigation founds in certain number of patients when the scholars do some researches. They found this vitiligo patients in the period of the early onset stage or in the stable stage, even in the improving or almost cured stage if they suffer from the mental trauma, strain in brain, mental tension or other factors may leads to the white spots expand, increased or repeated.

B. Local nerve damage may trigger vitiligo: the patient’s white spots distribute along the nerves segments in the shape of strip, sometimes the white spots will appear in the mouth, the patients often feel numb in some part of the body. Some research shows there are nerves fiber in the segmental nerves penetrate into the melanin cells in the border between the white spots and the normal skin, this phenomenal can not seen in the normal skin.

C. Central nerve system pathological change also can induce the occurrence of vitiligo: there are plenty of data shows some infected diseases like syphilis, leprosy will not only cause the damage of the system but also the change of skin color. The scholars indicates there are some relationship between the change of the skin color and the central nerve system pathological change, for example, the skin of patients with multiple sclerosis may have some some depigmentation white spots just like vitiligo. The skin damage of segmental vitiligo distributed in the shape of segment will affect one or several nerve segments and will not exceeds the mid line of the body, distributed at one side.

2. The hidden reason why after over exposure to the sunlight easy to have vitiligo.

There are many clinical data shows that most primary white spots occurred on the skin over exposure to the sunlight. We know that main reason cause the vitiligo is that the function of melanin cells in epidermal skin partially lost or totally lost which leads to the lack of melanin cells in epidermal skin and the skin base layer totally lack of positive melanin cells. People after over exposure to the sunlight cause the hyper function of the melanin cells will lead to the consume or aging of the melanin cells. After over exposure to the sunlight, the cells itself will overproduce the intermediate that might damage the melanin cells, the two points I mentioned above fully shows people easy to have vitiligo after over exposure to the sunlight.

3. The vitiligo related to the endocrine.

the related data shows that there are closely relationship between the endocrine and the vitiligo. Experts do some statistics and analysis about 1012 vitiligo patients and found that there are 75 vitiligo patients in 160 vitiligo patients from the age of 12 to age of 20 have the vitiligo in the same time when their menstruation first come, there are 8 patients have vitiligo in the 293 married women in their childbirth age, 5 patients have vitiligo after they give birth to their children, there are 16 patients have vitiligo at the same time of their menopause among the 35 menopause women between the age 44-45. The data I mentioned above just indicates there are closely relationship between the occurrence of vitiligo and the endocrine change in the female body. Other experiments and research shows many endocrine hormones such as melanin cells stimulate hormone, adrenocorticotropic hormone, melatonin and so on will affect the metabolism of melanin cells.


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