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The Worst Habits for Vitiligo Patients

The Worst Habits for Vitiligo Patients,VitiligoThe skin disease of vitiligo is a chronic skin disease. There are many bad habits that can worsen your vitiligo, and if you still continue that lifestyle, the condition can even spread.

Foods is a important aspect, there are many foods can trigger vitiligo. The seafood, lamp, vitamin C are nor good for you. If you eat normally, you vitiligo can spread and turn more white. The more whiter color, the worse vitiligo condition is.

The spicy and stimulated foods you should avoid. Stress and stay up too late is not good for vitiligo, if you suffer a lot and drink alcohol usually. After one week, the vitiligo can get worse.

You should have enough rest, and you should also proper exercise to increase the immune system to fight with vitiligo.

You may want to have tourism and an amount of sunlight to look healthy brown skin color. But you may don’t know that too much amount of sunlight will hurt skin. And the white spots will get more deep color.

The doctor should have told you don’t scratch your skin. But sometimes it is really itching, especially after the laser treatments. The skin will turn red that is called erythematous response. So the color red and itching are normal. If you scratch it, the normal skin can also get white spot. In medical opinion, this symptom is called isomorphic reaction. You should not scratch, but you can use your hand to tap lightly, and the relative clod water shower is good for you. When you are itching, do no take a hot shower.

And it is a stubborn skin disease, which is easy to reoccur for some bad habits and triggers. It is necessary to have a healthy and scientific lifestyle. When you get treatments, you can also pay more attention of the lifestyle. The specialist treatment is necessary and we also need prevent vitiligo effectively.

If you also want a further consultation about the treatments, and you are also suffering from vitiligo, you can consult our online doctor and send your problem to and hope we can do a favor for you. The symptoms are same, but the causes are varies, so you need to get a individual treatments plan for youself.


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