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9 Triggers Of Vitiligo

9 Triggers Of Vitiligo,VitiligoVitiligo is a chronic skin disease, once you have suffered it, you should make some of the changes to prevent the condition of white patches get further step of development. We should know about the causes and then we can take care in daily life. Now we can know about the 10 causes of vitiligo.

1 Gene

Some patients with heredity from their family. And the internal and external factors can stimulate vitiligo occur.

2 Immune disorder

The vitligo is also treated as a immune disorder disease. The patients with a overact immune system, and the immune cells that overact to the invaders as well as the self-tissues.

3 Mood

The bad mood can also stimulate the mood occur some of the toxin elements. So if you have the pressure form the loss of job that may also cause the vitiligo get worse.

4 Metabolism

Beside the immune disorder, the patients may also get metabolism disorder that also have a close relation with vitiligo.

5 Vitamin C

If you won’t have a family history of vitiligo. And you won’t get pressure from life and job. But you are fund of the acid fruits and vegetables. You intake too much vitamins that can also cause it.

6 Injury

If you have a accident or get a cut from sports. You have injury that is with risk to get skin disease. Vitiligo is one kind of skin disease.

7 Infection

The infection of skin and inflammatory factors that all can worse skin disease. So we should do some work after you get injury. And you may don’t know that insect bite the skin can also have a risk to onset of vitiligo.

8 Food

The bad diet habit can also cause skin disorder. The spicy and oil foods are not good for you. So the light foods and vegetables are good for you.

The common triggers are those. You may show the similar symptoms with the others.

9 Blood toxin

The TCM think the symptoms show on skin, but the real cause is underneath skin in the blood. The root is the internal organs disorder.

If you still have any vitiligo problems, you can send to for help. The same disease and symptoms should also treated by different medication and treatments.


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