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Environmental Factors Induce Vitiligo

Environmental Factors Induce VitiligoAs we all known that there are many factors in the survival of urban induced vitiligo onset, such as genetic factors, energy , environmental factors are the incentives of vitiligo. Environmental factors have a sense of tension during in the incentive of vitiligo , the understanding of the environmental factors induced vitiligo can help patients to get a better guard against vitiligo. So what are the environmental factors which induced vitiligo ? The following elements is to induce vitiligo environmental factors:

1, Trauma, such as burning, burn, stab, mosquito bites, the infection after skin the formation of white spots, which are environmental factors induced vitiligo. Trauma as a predisposing factor is negative in the body and blood on the basis of pathogenesis.

2, The industrial pollution, this factor plays a very important on inducing the vitiligo , industrial sewage pollution lead to the background is the increased incidence in recent years end by one of. Industrial production emissions without the treatment of waste gas, waste water, and swift advances in motor vehicle emissions exhaust all include many twists and turns the body of things, such as oxygen of sulfur, acid, alkali liquor, lead, arsenic, mercury, benzene, phenol and other chemical or heavy metal poison directly to human body damage. In recent years, aware of a large number of emissions of fluorine refrigerant was mutilated in the atmosphere ozone layer, resulting in the higher limit of UV mapping to the appearance, the figure that lead to the violation. All of the above factors are the end of the increase in the incidence of skin diseases.

3, Agricultural pollution , agricultural crop higher limited use of chemicals, such as insecticides, kill bacteria agent and ripening agents such as, meat eating poultry higher limited fed growth hormone slaughter after in vivo legacy, it will cause the bad effects to human body health .

The above is all about how to deal with the environmental factors which induce vitiligo. If you still have doubt on how does the environmental factors induce vitiligo, please consult our online experts, our online experts will do the most detailed introduction to you.


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