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Physical Causes Of Vitiligo

Although the etiology of vitiligo is still not unknown, but the phenomenon which caused by physical factors in vitiligo is very common, it is also one of the main causes of vitiligo, it is an important part to avoid physical factors in the pathogenesis of vitiligo prevention .

The causes of vitiligo should start from the aspects of analysis, frostbite, burns, trauma, surgery, these factors not only makes the local skin white, it can also cause white patches away from the site, the reason is the damage of melanocytes induced immune dysfunction caused. Surgery patients often appear in white skin incisions.

Due to stress changes in the body, it is also one of the neurochemical factors which cause autoimmune diseases caused by sporadic and generalized type of vitiligo. Therefore, vitiligo trigger factors are many, the prevention and control work must be done.

As we all know, summer is the maximum period of vitiligo, sun exposure is the most important factor which can affect the vitiligo skin, in the ultraviolet light, melanin cell activation, melanoma cells per unit area increased, melanin to generate a strong, fast moving, tyrosinase activity is the best to promote the formation of melanin, and UV in the skin can inhibit thiol and activation of tyrosinase activity.

Therefore, ultraviolet light is the driving force for the production of melanin cells. However, excessive sun exposure, but also lead to melanoma cell hyperfunction excessive, resulting in the early recession; too much melanin formation, accumulation of intermediates, resulting in melanoma cell injury or death, and damage to the epidermal cells, melanoma cells and keratin formation contact undesirable cell, melanin cannot through the skin smooth excretion, resulting in melanosome block, secondary melanoma cell function decline, damaged keratinocytes release a variety of inflammatory factors, it can directly damage the melanocytes. And degeneration or death of melanocytes, and further lead to the production of antibodies against melanoma cells, induced immune dysfunction caused by vitiligo. Because of this cause, vitiligo disease often occurs in travel, sun bath, sunburn, and often appear in the deeper part of the exposure.

This functional active melanocytes or melanocytes in order to speed up the synthesis of melanin, it is easy to destroy the melanocytes themselves. Destruction of melanocytes is the main cause of vitiligo, it is the incidence of vitiligo melanin .

In addition, the cause of vitiligo is mechanical stimulation: friction, pressure, shaving is one of the most common predisposing factors of vitiligo such as wearing glasses, often in part on both sides of the nose and white markings; bra, underwear, belt is too tight, often in the breast, groin, waist appear white bath rub, white spots appear on the skin clean the parts, white patches in the dorsal, medial and lateral malleolus; mosquito bites, skin itching or scratching caused by local leukoplakia; one patient boxing bag, metacarpophalangeal joints occurred in the white patches, such as melanoma cell damage and further lead to the disorder of immune function, or by the stimulation of nerve endings, neurochemical factors after injury, resulting in white spots appear in other areas. In addition, the incidence of vitiligo is often accompanied by a large number of concurrent symptoms, in this regard, we must pay attention to it.


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