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Effects Of Trace Elements On Vitiligo Treatment

As we all known that the induce causes of vitiligo are often varied, and the location of the white spot symptoms are not fixed, it is very hard for vitiligo patientsto do a good job in the treatment of conditioning. So, what are the effects of trace elements on the treatment of vitiligo?

1, trace elements affect the body function regulation. When vitiligo disease occurs, due to the disorder of the body function of the patient's friends, it is often easy to cause the abnormal endocrine function of the patient's own. However, if the function of the endocrine system is destroyed, it may hinder the effective of the patient's own physiological reactions. And once the skin of melanin cell function is blocked, it may lead to the proliferation of vitiligo and the new hair. Therefore, in the prevention of vitiligo disease, the patient must also pay attention to the rational regulation of their trace elements.

2, trace elements affect the hinder the synthesis of melanin. Related studies have indicated that some of the trace elements in the body of the patient's friends will be used as a catalyst for the synthesis of melanin, thus assisting in the scientific treatment of vitiligo disease. However, if the lack of trace elements, it will be hindered to a certain extent to the skin of patients with tyrosinase activity, and will give the patient a barrier to the synthesis of melanin. Then make the white patches is very easy to spread and spread, and seriously affect the treatment of vitiligo.

3, Trace element zinc plays a very important role in the synthesis of melanin. Trace element zinc is required for cell growth and reproduction and some enzyme activities of trace elements, zinc, structure and function of biological membrane stabilizing effect, for maintenance of cell integrity and reaction has an important role, zinc lack will aggravate the skin lesions of patients with vitiligo melanin cell structural damage degree. Zinc deficiency will lead to damage to the immune function of T lymphocytes, so that the immune system of patients with vitiligo further damage, vitiligo become more serious.

4, the lack of trace elements resulted in decreased activity of tyrosinase and increased damage to melanocytes. Vitiligo researchers found that trace element copper on the most obvious impact, the blood of patients with vitiligo in copper and zinc content than normal to low many, this is lead to vitiligo patients cells reduce tyrosinase activity in one of the main reasons.

In the case of clinical vitiligo, there are a lot of vitiligo is caused by a serious lack of trace elements. Everyone in the daily diet, it is best not to junk food, should eat some rich in natural trace elements in food.


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