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The Cause And Location Of Vitiligo

As we all known that vitiligo is a skin diseases, and for many years to maintain a relatively high incidence rate, hit by about one percent incidence, we know vitiligo generally occurs in easily rubbed and easy exposed parts, such as facial, neck, limbs, hand, sacrococcygeal, and so on are likely to cause. Let's look at the causes of vitiligo.

Vitiligo pathogenesis of many factors, and sometimes some attention might lead to vitiligo, for example, inflammation in the body lead to vitiligo body inflammation, easily lead to vitiligo, especially in the inflammation of the skin, the body has the inflammation, the body will produce inflammation and inflammatory reaction in the release of a variety of substances, melanin cell damage, inflammatory skin disease, due to liquefaction degeneration of basal cell caused by black element cell depigmentation caused by the local white spot, and further cause the distant parts of the white spot. Therefore, physical exercise for the prevention of vitiligo is very necessary, but also can reduce the incidence of vitiligo.

Often poor diet or drink alcohol on a regular basis to eat seafood also easily lead to the occurrence of some diseases, including, of course, vitiligo and vitiligo patients if excessive drinking, lead to the expansion of the skin white spots, vitiligo disease is severe, excessive intake of vitamin C can easily lead to vitiligo, vitamin C is involved in tyrosine metabolism, inhibition of DOPA oxidation, enable the skin to form melanin reduction is a colorless substance, change into water soluble of glue like substance, so that black pigment reduce, so that vitiligo occur or diffusion.

Life in the food can be said to be varied, and some foods containing phenol, the melanoma cells is also a disadvantage. Therefore, we in the usual diet should pay more attention to, in order to avoid the occurrence of disease, which is caused due to the unreasonable diet, in addition to these factors, season, life pressure, sun exposure, and many other factors will trigger vitiligo, also because of the complexity of the etiology of vitiligo that vitiligo skin disease in incurable diseases. Therefore, we must from the side of the little things to start prevention, so as to prevent disease.

The content for our detailed introduces the parts of the incidence of vitiligo often appear, and vitiligo etiology factors, pathogenesis actually includes a lot of on the one hand is the life habits, on the other hand is eating habits. Here, we hope that the friends of patients with vitiligo to maintain good living habits and eating habits.


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