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How Does Vitiligo Development

As we all known that the symptoms of vitiligo are variety . Different stages of symptoms are different, the same treatment process in different treatment period will produce different symptoms. But no matter what period of vitiligo, as long as the scientific and standardized treatment, will receive a good effect.

Vitiligo development is a long-term process, it is because of this, the treatment will be a long period of time, the specific development process also need a step by step.

If we want to understand the evolution of the symptoms of vitiligo in detail, for the prevention of vitiligo are good. Vitiligo is due to some pathogenic factors or trauma, and other factors lead to disorders of the endocrine and immune function, resulting in the injury of autologous melanoma cells, melanocytes from the epidermal depigmentation and the formation of vitiligo is vitiligo. It is a depigmentation of the skin characterized by skin disease. The following is the evolution of the symptoms of vitiligo.

First, vitiligo in the surface of a site a small number of patients may also occur in deep tissues, such as eye pigment film appears, the limitations of white patches , it is about the size of a grain of rice to the nail ranging from single whole body is only one piece or distributed in different parts of the body at the same time, the current multi chip. The majority of patients without any feeling also do not know unconsciously accidentally discovered that the skin appears white patches. There are also some patients with a clear predisposing factors, such as drug and cosmetics allergies, travel and sea bath after a long time strong light exposure, trauma and infection, trauma, etc..

For this type of vitiligo patients with early treatment has good curative effect. In the vitiligo after the onset of skin lesions leukoplakia showed a slow gradual development, the initial increase in the primary site, about 2 to May in other parts of the emerging new skin lesions. There are also a small number of patients with skin lesions are limited to local, non proliferation, that is a stable type. This type of vitiligo patients need to be patient.

For the proliferation of some vitiligo lesions and faster, short-term endothelial damage spread to the whole body, rapid spread and more concerned with the spirit of the factors, there are some patients due to improper treatment and lead to the progression of the disease. At the beginning of the incidence of white spots also known as skin lesions color is lighter, pale white, with the progress of the disease, the white gradually deepened, was pure white. Progression of the disease to a certain extent, the hairs and hair has gradually become white, and in severe hairs and hair loss, followed by occlusion of the sweat gland pores, the lesion area in summer due to the sweat glands hole occlusion without sweat overflow. The complete depigmentation of melanocytes, the treatment is difficult.

Vitiligo treatment needs a long process, patients should be patient, hope that patients can persevere, adhere to scientific treatment, early treatment and rehabilitation.


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