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Hazards Of Smoking On Vitiligo

As we all known that smoking has the great impact on the treatment of vitiligo. During the treatment of patients with vitiligo is best to stop smoking, because smoking for a long time will interfere the metabolism of drugs and reduce the efficacy, also of vitiligo treatment impact, so patients with vitiligo is best not to smoking. If you don't believe me, read the following introduction you will naturally understand.

In recent years, according to the study of medical workers, smoking will not only harm to health, and may interfere with the metabolism of drugs, reduce the efficacy, and delaying the disease. Smoking in addition to make an impact on the vitiligo condition. It will also directly affect the treatment effect, but a lot of smokers in the treatment of disease but don't know the common sense.

People all know that drug metabolism in vivo is inseparable from the role of hepatic drug metabolizing enzymes, and tobacco will enhance the enzyme activity, accelerate some to metabolism and inactivation, the action time is shortened, and the effect is greatly reduced. And the nicotine in tobacco can stimulate the body to release of antidiuretic hormone, so that to the metabolites can not be discharged in time, and the accumulation of poisoning. In addition, a day smoking more than 10 cigarettes will greatly affect the body's absorption of trace elements, is not conducive to the treatment of vitiligo.

In addition, smoking will lead to excessive loss of vitamin C, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 are required for the minerals and a variety of needs nutrients, indirect treatment of vitiligo have a very bad impact.

First, eat less food containing vitamin C. Vitamin C can reduce the level of serum copper and serum copper oxidase, affecting the activity of tyrosinase, interfere with the synthesis of melanin in skin. Vitiligo smoking

Two, eat onions, garlic, fish, shrimp, lamb, bamboo shoots, pickled vegetables, pepper, wine. Ji'nan day big vitiligo hospital experts say, the prevention of children with vitiligo diet should not eat spinach, spinach contains a lot of oxalic acid, easy to cause itching.

Three, cherry, vitiligo patients should not eat more. Cherries contain rich vitamin C, vitamin C in the metabolism of melanin, can make the generation of melanin is interrupted, aggravating the condition of vitiligo.

The vitiligo hospital experts remind patients: regular smoking in patients with vitiligo, should be aware of smoking for the treatment of vitiligo bring adverse effect, so best to give up smoking. Also diet to a good fit, balanced nutrition, relax the mood, active treatment is good therapeutic effect can be achieved.


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