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How To Effetively Control The Vitiligo

As we all known that vitiligo is a relatively easy to spread the skin white patches disease, if you do not pay attention to care or improper treatment, it is easy to lead to the spread of vitiligo, aggravate the patient's condition. Therefore, the control of patients with vitiligo is the key to the treatment of disease.

Vitiligo experts say, better control of vitiligo disease needs to pay attention to the following aspects:

1, timely and reasonable treatment

One of the characteristics of vitiligo is easy to spread, treatment is not in time will lead to a large area of vitiligo spread, and even spread to the patient's body. Therefore, once the vitiligo symptoms appear, be sure to timely diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease, if not treated properly or not symptomatic treatment, not only can not cure vitiligo, but will lead to the spread of vitiligo. Therefore, suffering from vitiligo must be carefully treated, choose a regular hospital to identify the cause of the disease, symptomatic treatment, timely and reasonable treatment is a better control of the patient's condition.

2, pay attention to personal daily care

In patients with good personal daily nursing is helpful to control the progression of the disease, the patient should pay attention to the daily care, reasonable diet, pay attention to diet taboo; as to ensure adequate sleep, regular schedule; physical exercise, enhance immunity; pay attention to the protection of the skin, reduce the adverse external factors to stimulate the skin.

3, Bad mood may cause the spread of vitiligo

vitiligo patients should pay attention to the emotion regulation, positive and optimistic attitude to accept the vitiligo treatment, try to avoid emotional ups and downs. In addition, vitiligo can be cured, patients should learn self decompression, actively cooperate with the doctors to adhere to treatment and cure vitiligo is just around the corner.

4, Solve the proliferation of leukoplakia problem

The most effective method is to let it disappear, and to let the white spots disappear to the regular professional hospital for treatment. In addition, due to the treatment of vitiligo than other skin diseases for a long time, so in daily life, but also to avoid some unfavorable factors. For vitiligo treatment of adverse factors, experts in this introduction the following.

5, Avoid exposure to sunlight in summer

When summer, vitiligo patients to pay attention to sunscreen, because excessive exposure, against the sun's ultraviolet rays can inhibit the metabolism of melanin, is not conducive to the synthesis of melanin, so the summer should be to avoid exposure. Avoid contact with phenol and chemicals: these substances can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase and directly make skin discoloration. Commonly used in cosmetics, disinfectants, rubber products containing these phenolic chemicals, so to be careful to use.

6, There is a need to prevent trauma

trauma is one of the causes of vitiligo disease, but also can increase the cause of vitiligo, vitiligo patients should avoid trauma, to prevent the spread of. For spicy, stimulating foods, as well as rich in VC of the food as much as possible to eat less.

The above is vitiligo experts on how to better control the disease of vitiligo, the relevant introduction, hope to help patients with vitiligo. The expert reminds: had vitiligo, a two pronged only treatment and nursing to finally get rid of vitiligo. In addition, in the treatment of vitiligo, patients must choose professional and normal hospital, so as to guarantee of vitiligo therapeutic effect.


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