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Chemical Predisposing Factors Of Vitiligo

Chemical Predisposing Factors Of VitiligoAs we all known that one of the most common causes of vitiligo disease also causes chemical. Is still the most common contact due to phenolic compounds, such as phenol, benzene of coking tea M phenol, phenol, phenol, Syria on Ding Jifen and other chemical substances can be given by the outside world induced vitiligo. This kind of material has selective destruction of melanocytes, causing depigmentation. What is the chemical predisposing factors of vitiligo, we look at the vitiligo Institute of medical research commentary.

Mainly in the contact area, such as in rubber, plastics and resins manufacturing, of tert butyl phenol is an important raw material, often wear rubber gloves can cause hand leukoplakia; wearing glasses can cause nose, cheekbones, and ear white patches.

Children often play with plastic toys can cause hand leukoplakia, wearing a plastic shoes can be caused by dorsal, medial and lateral borders of the white spot; Waicha containing phenolic compounds of cosmetics, freckle cream can cause facial vitiligo; photographer in contact with phenolic compounds fixer caused by hand leukoplakia; phenols and catechols in industry had been used as a cleaning and disinfecting agent, contact with this kind of product, can also cause hand leukoplakia.

This type of material not only cause contact patches, and can induce other parts of the body appear white patches, the mechanism has two:

1, it is harmful material damage after local melanoma cells, can be spread to other parts of the immune mechanism through the nerve;

2, there are some phenols through respiratory or skin into the body; a variety of plant foods, coffee, vegetables, fruits also contain phenol, can through digestive tract into the body, systemic effect caused by vitiligo. In addition, coated with hydrogen peroxide, ammoniated mercury ointment, cortical hormone partially closed, frequent contact with oil, paint, asphalt, can also cause skin depigmentation.

Through the above study, I think friends of patients should of vitiligo chemical induced factors have a comprehensive understanding, in fact, we had vitiligo and not afraid of, terrible is not at the right time received proper treatment, hope the majority of patients a correct view of their disease, is to own a responsible, I wish a speedy recovery.


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