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Relationship Between Seasons And Vitiligo

Relationship Between Seasons And VitiligoAs we all known that once the onset of vitiligo is difficult to cure and high hazard known, usually after a long time of treatment of vitiligo can be recovered. We know that the incidence of vitiligo is caused by a lot of factors, the probability of high incidence of vitiligo in the summer. So, does the season really is the incidence of vitiligo ?

The incidence of vitiligo has a certain correlation with the seasons

Vitiligo white patches disease and the season is a certain relationship, but the seasonal change is not a direct cause of the incidence of vitiligo. Seasonal factor is to awaken the body of some of the factors that lead to vitiligo disease or spread of vitiligo. Like seasonal conversion, the body's hormones and people's psychological emotions will appear very serious abnormalities, which affect the body's immune function and inner loop, so it will affect the condition of vitiligo.

It is understood, vitiligo winter white patches disease in a stable, basically not rapid diffusion, and in the spring and summer is precisely the white patches of vitiligo disease active when, if not the correct treatment and nursing, in the spring and summer of vitiligo white patches diffusion speed is very fast.

Patients should grasp the change of the disease caused by the seasonal changes, effective prevention and control of diseases

Know the vitiligo and seasonal changes in the relationship, hope that the patient can in winter vitiligo stability of active cure vitiligo, active in spring and summer vitiligo pay attention to avoid contact of vitiligo predisposing factors, to prevent the spread of vitiligo disease, which can reduce the harm of vitiligo.

Although vitiligo in winter treatment curative effect is good, but is not to say that patients not to wait until the winter in the treatment of vitiligo, the patient must understand that the white spots of vitiligo to as soon as possible cure, do not delay, so as to in the early vitiligo cure vitiligo. Above is our "vitiligo disease and the season of the relationship between the" problem, we hope to understand and cure vitiligo have some help, I wish you a speedy recovery!


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