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Tissue Pathology Of Vitiligo

Tissue Pathology Of VitiligoAs we all known that Vitiligo is a common nature epidermal melanin depigmentation of skin diseases, Chinese medicine called "vitiligo" or "white patches", the skin can appear sizes round or oval white spots, clear boundary, the edge of the pigment deeper. So, what is the tissue pathology of vitiligo?

Histopathology of the disease, vitiligo is what experts say, modern research shows that vitiligo skin, but also involving the eyes, ears, etc., the disease produced at any age, gender and race, which in 20 to 30 years old young people see, someone else's incidence rate is about 0.5% to 4%, in recent years have upward trend. A significant impact on the health of patients.

What is the tissue pathology of vitiligo disease and the transformation of vitiligo and melanoma cells are in accord with the damage. In earlier period of inflammation can be observed see so-called vitiligo uplift of the edge of the epidermal edema and sponge caused, lymphocytes and histiocytes qinrun are seen in the dermis. Has been a major change in the vitiligo violation is the reduction and even dissipation of melanin. The ultraviolet light shines on the skin can be seen reflecting the proliferation of keratinocytes, the initial dermal layer of the skin also see a bite of pigment cells. Lesions of the edge of the pigment in the skin pigmentation of melanin cells increased. In addition, the present invention in clinical, vitiligo disease there is an immune barrier, metabolic disorders, with micro cycle disorder.

Under the electron microscope, there were vacuoles in the keratinocytes, and the melanocytes were also degenerated, and there was a grain of dust in the intercellular space and the basement membrane.

Electron microscopic inspection lesions, peripheral nerve degeneration change. Patients with abnormal skin under the electron microscope found Langerhans cells involved, said bubble slurry in vacuoles, endoplasmic reticulum and cell membrane have wrinkles, these changes in the lesion area but is not obvious, late of the lesion area, epidermal normal, only leather have few lymphocytes infiltration, in short vitiligo in pathological changes is mainly keratinocyte cells, Langerhans cells and melanoma cells.

More detailed introduction is about: histology of vitiligo what is it? To this question, you have difficult?? if you still want to understand more to the common sense of vitiligo, initiative you pay more attention to relevant information and materials of our hospital websites so that you more know disease.


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