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The Relationship Between Microcirculation And Vitiligo

The Relationship Between Microcirculation And VitiligoVitiligo is a disease of the department of Dermatology, due to the increasing prevalence of vitiligo, vitiligo research has not been stopped, especially in terms of the incidence of vitiligo. Today, we are going to study the factors of the microcirculation of vitiligo, we look at how the microcirculation is caused by vitiligo.

The basic function of microcirculation is the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue cells, metabolite away. Microcirculation research, has been directly observed under the microscope blood flow, depth to the level of cell molecules, micro circulation of human life activities have an important role. Studies show that parts of the incidence of vitiligo is the existence of microcirculation, makes the nutrients can not be transported to all parts of the skin, melanocytes can not get normal trophoblast and its growth and development, metabolism, falling the melanocyte depigmentation, so that skin discoloration white, vitiligo lesions, microcirculation in the the leukoplakia parts are to be found, the same area of the skin, suffering from vitiligo parts of the capillary number much lower than that of normal skin less, which also in a side proved there is a causal link between vitiligo and microcirculation.

Microcirculation affects the melanoma cells, and melanoma cells affect the incidence of vitiligo. In recent years, people put forward the concept of generalized microcirculation, in addition to the blood microcirculation, including lymph and tissue fluid circulation. But what is commonly referred to as the microcirculation, is to refer to the study of the more in-depth microcirculation. The research of microcirculation has already begun in the 20's, but it is a term that was formally established and used in the leading session of the United States. Over half a century, the 5 World Congress of microcirculation has been held. At present, the microcirculation of the study, has been directly observed under the microscope blood flow, deep into the cell and molecular level. On the spot area of microcirculation will be found, the same area of the skin, the number of capillaries in the area of vitiligo is far less than the normal skin parts.

The causes of vitiligo, a variety of different, mostly due to the habit of living. Everyone in the understanding of the causes of vitiligo, we must be targeted to prevent.


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