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The Formation Of Vitiligo And Melanoma Cells Self Destruct

The Formation Of Vitiligo And Melanoma Cells Self DestructAs we all known that Some vitiligo patients suffering from vitiligo do not know the how to protect themselves, usually only know to conceal their inner pain, inferiority, fear and other emotions seriously affected their normal life, in fact, as long as open and pressure are not carefully think about the vitiligo is a skin disease only, don't put it to how horrible, many patients because of psychological pressure, heavy mental burden, or life does not go smoothly, the unpleasant things, it is easy to lose the courage of life, this kind of mentality must to adjust.

The formation of vitiligo and melanoma cells self destruct? The body's normal and healthy skin color is the result of melanin synthesis and metabolic balance. When the melanin cell dysfunction or node enough damage, the self destruction of melanocytes is the pathogenic factors of melanocytes function is the formation of melanin, the body's normal and healthy complexion is melanin synthesis and metabolic balance of violence. When melanocyte dysfunction or structural damage, melanin formation to reduce or stop, but black pigment degradation and destruction is still carried out, the skin pigment change light or depigmentation, caused by vitiligo. Some scholars have suggested that the occurrence of vitiligo is due to the cell itself, the function of the melanocytes, to promote the excessive production or accumulation caused by. Melanin intracellular tyrosine many derivatives and the in vivo generation of phenol degradation products by dopa (DOPA) inhibits the ability of pigment formation and inhibition of pigment synthesis in vivo. The experimental results show that these substances have damage to normal melanocytes. In the process of self black cord cells may be involved in immune responses, which destroyed the melanocytes to become antigen, through the immune mechanism of anti melanocyte antibodies to melanocyte damage by the immune response appears vicious spiral, melanocytes are damaged more and more serious. This may explain the skin vitiligo deep color black in the prevalence of more color light yellow and white and white become easy to cause high in normal skin color deep parts: the statistical analysis of vitiligo cases of vitiligo patients found 99.64% cases, the occurrence of leukoplakia, severity and seasonal factors, especially with a new white spot in the late spring and early summer during this period, 5.45% patients had history of exposure, at the onset of severe sunburn or suntan when. This also supports the melanocyte self destruction doctrine.

Our statistical analysis of 830 cases of vitiligo, found 95.54% of the seasonal factors, especially the late spring and early summer during this period of time are more prone to white spot or add new leukoplakia. 6.8% of them in the sun exposure after the onset, which is why? We believe that one is sun exposure and melanoma cell hyperfunction, the destruction of the tyrosinase activity and DOPA oxidation intermediate material, the intermediate material is an important protection mechanism, once this protective mechanism of consumption recession, melanin will be destroyed; the second is may be due to the cells themselves may be intermediates in the synthesis of melanin overproduction or accumulation of damage melanocytes, which occurred in the white spot.

And a little more important worthy of vitiligo patients to pay attention to the problem is the diet, the diet of patients with vitiligo is very important, because the blood of vitiligo patients and spiny parts owing to the lack of certain trace metals, and the in vivo tyrosinase activity reduced. Affect the synthesis of melanin metabolism, resulting in lesions, so patients should eat more copper, zinc, iron and other metal elements of more food, so that tyrosinase activity enhanced, and then to accelerate the synthesis of melanin.


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