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How Does Vitamin C Effect On Vitiligo

How Does Vitamin C Effect On VitiligoAs we all known that there are various factors which Induced vitiligo disease, vitamin C is one of the factors that cause many, because vitamin C has extensive biological effects. Therefore, in the medical profession vitamin C effect of vitiligo also attracts more and more attention, patients with vitiligo diet must not be taken lightly.

In the survey found a vitiligo predisposing factors in patients with predisposing factors  cases of vitiligo, which due to excessive use of vitamin C induced vitiligo has 11 cases. Obviously, one of the predisposing factors of vitiligo is excessive use of vitamin C.

Vitamin C in cell oxidation, through hydrogen transfer to promote collagen, interstitial cells, neurotransmitter and glucocorticoid synthesis, and can reduce plasma cholesterol content.

Involved in the synthesis of reduced glutathione, strengthening the body's ability to detoxify, maintain the activity of thiol to promote antibody production; Yang hyaluronidase and fibrinolysin activity, maintain the integrity of the interstitial cells, enhance the compactness of the capillary wall, reduces the conduction induced and brittle, promote the growth of granulation tissue Yang; excessive proliferation resistance cells, enhance phagocytosis of macrophages and leukocytes, prevent inflammation and diffusion; bacterial endotoxin, high dose can inhibit viral replication and enhance the body resistance, and anti histamine, bradykinin, chronic disease, and as an antioxidant commonly used medicine for beauty and health care, and the dose the greater effect on the patients physical appearence and supplyment the nutritions which human body needs.

Vitamin C can influence from the multi-channel melanin synthesis to induce or aggravate vitiligo, including its mechanism:

1, vitamin C can make the synthesis of melanin substances dopaquinone rapidly restore dopa, thus blocking the biosynthesis of melanin. Vitamin C can not only absorb the mucosal system of copper ion on intestinal Yang, but also can reduce serum copper oxidase activity, thus affecting the tyrosinase, melanin synthesis. Vitiligo susceptibility or copper oxidase activity is low, long-term, excessive use of vitamin C is likely to occur vitiligo.

2, vitamin C not only can promote the synthesis of neurotransmitters, tyrosine consumption increased, melanin synthesis was reduced and maintain the activity of thiol, promote the synthesis of thiol compounds glutathione, and can compete with the tyrosinase copper ions, tyrosinase activity reduced, melanin synthesis decreased.

3, vitamin C can promote antibody production, Yang excessive proliferation of the cells, can aggravate vitiligo autoimmune reaction, Yang hair follicles of black pigment cell reservoir without melanin melanin cell differentiation, proliferation, the impact of vitiligo therapeutic effect.

Shows that the vitamin C is factors induce or aggravate vitiligo can not be underestimated, in patients with vitiligo or vitiligo susceptibility should be repeated understanding of vitamin C for a wide range of biological effects and induced or aggravate vitiligo mechanism, avoid long and application of high doses of vitamin C in the treatment process or in life, also should eat less food containing vitamin C rich.


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