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The Relationship Between Vitiligo And Mental Factors

The Relationship Between Vitiligo And Mental FactorsVitiligo is a common acquired limited or generalized skin depigmentation disease Bureau issued, because the skin melanocyte function caused by the disappearance, but the mechanism is not clear. The disease can occur in all parts of the body, commonly referred to the back, wrist, forearm, face, neck and around the genitals, etc., female genital can occur, the majority of young women.

Modern medical model is transformed into bio psycho social behavior patterns, mental factors in disease occurrence development increasingly received more and more attention, and people's health care and beauty levels continue to improve, the mental factors of vitiligo will be paid more attention to. Vitiligo is currently the pathogenesis mainly autoimmune theory, black element cell destruction doctrine and neurochemical theory of factor and so on, and immune response regulation is through the nerve endocrine immune system regulation, indicated that vitiligo the occurrence and development of psychological factors exist interaction.

Vitiligo and mental factors

the interaction between psychological factors and skin diseases

From the view of anatomy, the skin and nervous system in the development of common source in the embryonic ectoderm, and shared several hormones, neurotransmitters and receptors, which determines the psychology and the skin on the macroscopic and microscopic exist various forms, internal organic connection. The following clues suggest that psychological factors and skin diseases are related, such as hormone treatment of skin disease drugs can make patients with psychiatric symptoms; and the drug lithium preparation, such as the treatment of mental illness can cause skin lesions of patients with, primary skin disease patients due to diseases affect the beauty or social can appear mental symptoms. Stress through the mechanism of body and mind as skin disease occurrence or aggravation of acceleration factor, mental illness patients because of suspected disease, self mutilation and skin related illusion leads to a high incidence of skin diseases.


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