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How Does Neurological Factors Affect Vitiligo

How Does Neurological Factors Affect VitiligoAs we all known that people’s Spirit is under the influence of many factors, vitiligo as the reason and mechanism of a kind of skin diseases, the incidence there are complexity, after research found that mental factors may also lead to vitiligo, the following experts from two aspects to everyone describes the two approaches to mental factors induced vitiligo.

The skin is the internal organ of expression of human psychological activity. A large number of clinical cases that psychological factors can not be ignored is a cause of vitiligo or exacerbations. It is estimated, about two-thirds of the cases the onset or development stage lesions with trauma, overworked and over thinking, anxiety, sadness, even the spook, overnight, sleep soundly is dream disturbance spirit excessive tension situation. Triggered by stress factors a car accident, fall waited in vain for emergencies, the deceased economic disputes, family disputes, romance, unemployment, family, entrance examination. Emotional reactions showed fear, anger, anxiety, sadness, frustration, sadness, insomnia, dream, thinking over. This so-called "due to pathogenic stagnation". Also patients who suffer from vitiligo, fearful, worried and even pessimism and low self-esteem, loss of confidence in life, resulting in the rapid development of the disease, treatment is difficult to work, creating a vicious cycle, the so-called "illness caused by the depression.

Approach to mental factors induced vitiligo there may be two pathways:

A biochemical pathway of tyrosine. From the tissue, pigment cells and nerve cells are ectodermal derivatives. The use of tyrosine synthetic melanin pigment cells, nerve cells by tyrosine synthesis of catecholamines. Catechol and DOPA is similar in structure. When the mental stress, sympathetic nerve, increase in catecholamine synthesis, on melanin synthesis constitute competitive inhibition.

Two is the nerve, endocrine and immune pathways. Medical psychology in the past can be divided into three pathways of nerve, endocrine and immune, but in recent years the development of mental nerve Endocrinology and neuropsychological - immunology fully confirmed these three is a whole. Modern studies have shown that psychological stress can affect the interaction between the central nervous system and the immune system. And patients with vitiligo, often accompanied by a variety of endocrine disorders and immune dysfunction, so presumably, mental factors induced vitiligo may be caused by nerve - endocrine system, immune system disorders caused.

Above is an expert from the mental factors to explain the contents of the induced vitiligo, vitiligo this disease cure rate is not high, and the treatment effect is not obvious, so patients will have a lot of mental pressure. To this end the medical team should try to reduce the mental stress of patients, so as not to aggravate the condition.


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