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Harm Of Hair Follicle Vitiligo

Harm Of Hair Follicle VitiligoHair follicle vitiligo refers to long hair in any part of the vitiligo, and white hair with hair follicle type vitiligo. The hair follicle vitiligo is not albinism, but harm to patients is not to be underestimated.

First, the whole area of all white hair follicle type: Patients with vitiligo is not timely treatment, because the local white hair is not well controlled, it is possible to make the entire region all white hair.

Second, the evolution of the hair epidermal vitiligo: vitiligo is an extremely unstable and may spread around the spread of the disease, to a large extent, the hair follicle type of vitiligo will evolve into other types of vitiligo.

Third, scabbing or pustular: hair follicle type vitiligo skin function failure, secrete a large amount of secretions, patients with severe skin will scabbing or pustules. Recommended reading: hair follicle vitiligo how to care?

Fourth, epidermal secretions more led to the breeding of bacteria: hair follicle type vitiligo is caused by skin melanin loss, which will lead to the area of the skin function failure, produce the large amount of secretions, not timely cleaning, it will breed bacteria.

Through the above the harm to the hair follicle type of vitiligo, I believe as we all know, hair follicle type vitiligo is not treated in time, also can spread, the spread of. Therefore, we must promptly to the regular hospital to accept the treatment of science.

Vitiligo hospital using the excimer Xtrac-308nm laser treatment system considered Jia wavelength ultraviolet in the treatment of vitiligo, a large number of clinical studies have shown that, the excimer laser can make skin melanoma cell volume increases, the increase of tyrosinase activity and melanin cell synthesis ability strengthen; the epidermis of patients with immune inhibition, it with excellent clinical performance effect successfully passed the rigorous validation of the major medical institutions. For the treatment of vitiligo is more accurate, safe and reliable and effective.


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