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Hazards Of Halo Type Of Vitiligo

Hazards Of Halo Type Of VitiligoThere are many types of vitiligo, halo type of vitiligo also known as the centrifugal white spot, halo of moles in medicine known as the centrifugal acquired white spots. Sometimes and vitiligo at the same time, so there is a halo of vitiligo vitiligo. Halo moles can occur in the elderly, can also occur in children. It is well made in the trunk, especially in the back, and occasionally in the head and face. This halo of vitiligo common in young people, then what is the harm of halo type of vitiligo ?

Vitiligo on patients with normal learning, employment, marriage, family, social, and so on caused serious impact.

1 there are a lot of people in the community of patients with vitiligo have a certain discrimination, resulting in the majority of patients self-esteem to be a devastating blow, resulting in a series of mental disorders.

2 Chinese traditional Chinese medicine research center, the latest medical research confirmed that patients with vitiligo vitiligo UV defense capability is weak, the incidence of skin cancer is much higher than the normal. Halo nevus vitiligo can induce a variety of diseases, such as pernicious anemia, alopecia areata, psoriasis, malignant tumors, bronchial asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and cataracts and other diseases, and concurrent hyperthyroidism and other diseases.

3,when people suffering from vitiligo, the attack site and to receive external damage, once the white spot position appears damaged, is likely to spread of symptoms, once the spread of the disease, give patients caused greater harm. Therefore, should pay attention to the family nursing work. Vitiligo is likely to occur in any position, but most of them appear on the face, waist and limbs with finger tip, due to vitiligo the patient's appearance changes greatly, which will increase the psychological pressure of the patients with vitiligo, and can not be used to cover the foundation, so a lot of facial vitiligo patients is not willing to go out, so this is also the vitiligo hazards.

Mental health factors is one of the major causes of induced vitiligo. To a large extent, the impact of a person's face, and therefore will usher in other people's comments and ridicule, so patients with vitiligo must do a good job of self regulation. Timely detection and early medical treatment, in order to, a better life.


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