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What Triggers Facial Vitiligo

What Triggers Facial Vitiligo

What is the facial vitiligo ? what causes the facial vitiligo ?the understanding of the cause is very critical, only to understand the incentives to stay away from the risk factors,and also need to do some prevention and treatment work.

For those with facial vitiligo patients, they should try to understand the cause of the disease and the onset of symptoms, the diagnosis and treatment is a very important role.

In clinical medicine, vitiligo is a primary, localized or generalized skin depigmentation disorder. By the melanocytes of idiopathic damage caused.

Early symptoms, lesions were round or irregular depigmentation spots, smooth surface, clear boundary, edge pigmentation, the surface of the skin is white and gradually clear, to sunlight than normal and sensitive skin, a little sun redness. The slow course of development, and gradually expand to four weeks, long-term treatment may be generalized, and cause a variety of complications.

Facial vitiligo etiology is quite complex, in general may with the disorders of immune related, also found that patients with trace elements, such as copper, zinc and iron content is often low, so that may be trace elements to reduce or biological enzyme metabolic abnormality.

Therefore, in their daily life , facial vitiligo patiens should pay attention to the protection of the facial skin, avoid the use of poor quality cosmetics, long time exposure to radiation is likely to cause vitiligo, so the radiation protection measures is very important.

The cause of facial vitiligo is probably all about the above introduction, the understanding is only a part of the treatment of vitiligo, what is the key is to choose a regular hospital for treatment!


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