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Incidence Theory Of Traumatic Vitiligo

Incidence Theory Of Traumatic VitiligoAs we all know that there is no any clear difference between traumatic vitiligo and vitiligo symptoms of , but the cause of vitiligo and other types of vitiligo is also different. So, what is the cause of traumatic vitiligo?

Here are the detailed introduction about the cause of the traumatix vitiigo:

1, Immune dysfunction: trauma destroyed the immune status of local skin, causing inflammation cells and T lymphocytes infiltration and lead to the release of cytokines, resulting in abnormal tissue immune, thereby causing local vitiligo.

2, endocrine system disorders: human skin is subject to trauma, it is likely to trigger the skin's stress response, resulting in endocrine disorders, melanin synthesis is blocked, white spots.

3,lacking the tyrosine: trauma changed the nervous system of the local skin, the catecholamine synthesis, and catecholamines and melanin synthesis of raw materials are tyrosine, increase in catecholamine synthesis consumed too much of tyrosine and tyrosine melanin synthesis will lack when melanin synthesis is blocked, vitiligo will therefore produce.

4, melanin cell antibody production: trauma to destroy the melanocytes in the skin, damaged melanin cells as antigen, produce antibodies of anti melanoma cells in the immune system antibody further damage melanin cells around the wound, resulting in damage to the melanocytes, vitiligo.

Warmly reminder: the vitiligo experts suggested patients to avoid trauma in life, as far as possible to avoid a large area of trauma, once produced in a timely manner to deal with trauma. Xiao Bian also suggested that patients, when the body appears white spot, timely to the professional hospital of vitiligo examination, do not miss the best time for treatment of vitiligo.


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