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Different Causes Of Vitiligo

Different Causes Of Vitiligo,VitiligoAbout vitiligo, it is not a fatal disease, but it has the risk to spread to the other areas. And another risk is it can pass the the kid. So we advice the patients keep the condition in a good condition then to plan have a baby. And the other problem is that in summer we need wear long clothing to cover the white patches to avoid the others attitude towards us. But the disease doesn't spread to the others. Now we know about the causes of vitligo.

In the modern medical view that is a auto-immune disorder, the patients immune system to protest ourselves from the invaders form the outside, but the system finally attack the self-tissue together. So there are some medicine to anti-immune.

From life, the disease can be caused by pressure, immune disorder, weather, injection, injury and over exposure in the sun and gene. The doctor usually told the pressure cause or gene.

In China, there is a kind of treatments call TCM, the traditional Chinese medicine with a history over 5000 years. And they think the human body is a whole system, and the every system and internal organs have a necessary relation with each other.The symptoms show on the skin, but the causes are in blood, the root is internal organs. So we treat the blood toxin and adjust the immune systems and with treatments and herb medicine to prevent the produce of the blood toxin.The modern treatments treatments are combined together.

With many clinical cases and decades of medical researches, we figure out the real cause of vitiligo is in blood. There is a kind of enzyme called superoxide dismutase (SOD) in blood. When this kind of enzyme die or stop functioning, the anion free radicals can’t be removed, so there are some results.

1.The immune system disorder.

2.Tyrosinase’s activity decreases.

3.Melanin cells antibodies increases.

4.Trance elements loss such as copper and zinc ion.

5.Vitiligo susceptibility cells occur suddenly.

6.Melanin cells’ apoptosis.

Finally, the obstruction of melanin secretion.

That are all the cause and the results of vitiligo. And we should treat from the blood cause, and then the symptoms will disappear by itself.

The symptoms of vitiligo are similar, actually there are many types and the therapies vary from people to people. If you want a further knowledge, you can consult the online doctor or send us email to, we can give you a professional solution in 24 hours.


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