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The Neurological Factors Of Vitiligo

The Neurological Factors Of VitiligoVitiligo can casue a great harm to patients, and the prevalence of vitiligo is also very high. Once patients are suffering from vitiligo, it will form a lot of etiology, so patients with vitiligo should actively to know about some common diseases causes problems, actively to bring about the etiology of different kinds of damage, then depression may also lead to the emergence of vitiligo etiology? Let the experts to give us a simple answer , I hope you can understand, and in their daily lives to achieve effective prevention.

1, autonomic nervous system

Nervous system is the hub of the human body, there are a small number of patients with vitiligo in the white spot is likely to be a special phenomenon of sweating, which is also related to autonomic dysfunction. Vitiligo associated with higher rates of alopecia areata and skin scratch disease, but this phenomenon is rare in clinic.

2, local neural theory

One of the most common is the theory of local nerve. We often find that, because certain parts of the careless trauma caused by the parts of the skin white or distant skin white, even will systemic skin wide range of white, so that the original white spot larger number, the condition will rapidly development. Therefore, some people believe that vitiligo secondary to local non traumatic nerve fiber damage, a variety of local stimulation directly to the nervous and pathogenic. So in daily life, we should do a good job on the protection of the skin, try not to suffer from trauma.

3, Theory of ganglion segment

Vitiligo lesions carefully observe the nerve segment splitting phenomenon, it is along the segmental nerve toward the incidence. Some from the mouth into the jaw, and some from the eyes to the lower cheek, but also from the lower jaw to the neck.

4, Peripheral nerve theory

According to melatonin, acetylcholine, norepinephrine, epinephrine in vitro can make amphibians and fish pigment cells became white this experiment to infer the melanocytes decreased ability to, is due to increased surrounding neurochemical and interferes with the tyrosinase activity. In normal circumstances, the peripheral nerve of melatonin and pituitary hormone stimulating factors in a balanced state, so the skin pigment has not changed. Vitiligo patients with skin peripheral nerve endings active, so as to increase the release of melatonin and other substances, resulting in reduced capacity of the synthesis of melanocytes, resulting in vitiligo.

5, Mechanical stimulation theory

Vitiligo white patched can appearson the face and vulnerable to friction parts, such as lumbosacral, bras, belts, buttons, hernia care oppressed position. It is possible that the skin nerves in these areas are subject to prolonged mechanical stimulation.

The above is the introduction of Vitiligo etiology and the neural factors. Thus, we found that the occurrence of mental factors and vitiligo have a great relationship. Therefore, we in the daily life to note: to maintain a good mood, let the spirit in a relax, stable state. At the same time, patients and friends to correct the face of vitiligo. Vitiligo treatment is full of confidence, otherwise, the negative state of mind but aggravate the condition, increase the treatment difficulty, serious will aggravate the deterioration of the condition.

The pathogenesis of vitiligo there are many kinds of, we must do to prevent. Warm reminder: pay attention to cause mental depression, although is difficult to cure the disease but as long as the active treatment is completely can be restored to normal, vitiligo patients to timely, active treatment, wish you recover at an early date, as soon as possible to get rid of the disease problems.


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